Buy A Wide Range Of Police Sirens From Online Auto Parts Store

The convenience of shopping from the comfort of your home or office for a police siren or related auto security devices to improve the safety aspect of your vehicle is just one of the advantages you get when you harness the power of the internet to purchase from a website dealing in auto accessories.

If you can afford to spend a little time researching the net for the top manufacturers of quality auto security parts, such as a police siren when you want to install a powerful and effective audio warning signal on your vehicle, you are sure to find many choices in brand names, prices and auxiliary parts that will work together to enhance the value of your vehicle. However, choosing to shop for your police siren from a manufacturer that offers you direct sales and cuts out the middle man will ensure you do not pay extra and can get an affordable audio warning gadget for your vehicle, at a price that suits your pocket.

The benefit of dealing directly with a manufacturer of specialty auto parts, such as police siren, beacons, LED light bars, racks, radios and a host of related cop car equipment is that you will get full servicing along with great prices for a wide range of products on display.

Many website owners today offer video demos that cover the installation to all-function use of each product, making the virtual marketplace much like a live-demo you would expect when you walk-in to an auto accessory store. This can turn shopping for your vehicles’ police siren on the net into a fun way of increasing your knowledge about the real functioning of these vital warning signal options.

Who knows, perhaps, you can also get customized mounting options, in accordance to your particular vehicle, too! Yes, even if it means upgrading to newer technology for meeting state regulations on your vehicle – you’re sure of getting a quality auto accessory that could possibly save lives while looking good on your car too – just a mouse-click away! How cool is that?

From the existing auto accessory industry solutions to new-age, advanced technology configured to the latest models of auto police siren systems, some integrated with flashing light patterns reflected from LED light bars in dual, quad or multi-display units, you can be sure of getting practical warning signal devices for your vehicle – on the net!

You can get a new police siren today at rates ranging from $200 to anywhere in the region of $350 and more while used models will also be available to you online at a hundred to hundred and fifty dollar difference from these. However, buying your siren at a discounted price will enable you to save on money with the assurance of purchasing a product constructed with compliance to quality norms for cop sirens when you pick a manufacturer-cum-retailer online.

Those who manufacturer, sell and service police siren and related accessories are sure to provide you with a wide range of audio and lighting warning solutions for your vehicle, along with customer-friendly replacement and repair policies, in addition to offering you customized work, should you need it.

Auto Parts Ordering Manual

What is the worst nightmare of each vehicle owner? Can we say? It is nothing nevertheless the car-part substitution, believe it or not. Why? The one and just reason is the fact that people love to create their cars more breathtaking from accessorizing, customizing plus improving the vehicles. This is more favorable to them than paying large bills for car-part replacement plus certainly repairs. How can the expense be lessened? Try to use selected auto parts. Don’t get demoralized as this has become a popular trend by now. We can even state which this really is in vogue these days because many of the vehicle consumers are found to use selected auto parts.

We might equally discover these auto parts Online cheapest inside the parts store for special order. They will likely not normally carry any of these types of auto parts, yet you are capable to find them from there in the event you are willing to test. If this gives we no luck, then you can furthermore try to find a superior individual with a junk charger in his yard or on his property.

There are many different options to purchase parts online. Many major car parts stores have an online store. This really is helpful when you see a surrounding store and find which they do not have the part you want in stock. Going instead to their webpage, allows we access to the company’s whole stock. Some retailers just provide certain goods from their website, often dubbed “online exclusives”. To sweeten the appeal of shopping online, these retailers may offer free shipping depending upon the amount of your purchase. Another marketing technique is providing the way of shipping to the regional store for free. Consumers are notified on their parts’ arrival and could go choose it up.

Marine Surplus Inc, found at is a marine surplus company that is all inclusive for boat parts. This is 1 of the greater used boat parts websites on the internet today.

Saturday, July 10. Leawood, Kan. 9th Annual Church of the Resurrection Car Show. Church of the Resurrection, 13720 Roe Avenue, 66224. For more info auto parts online, contact Joe Campbell at (913) 888-1968, or e-mail: .

Furthermore, you are able to install standard products to your boat which will strengthen the value. The performance of the boat can furthermore heighten. So you may offer the boat for a much higher price than owners would usually be capable to. It is not only regarding the exterior, however boat car parts for chevy might improve the reliability of the boat.

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Car Engine Running On Water – Is It Really Possible

Does any of the following sound familiar?… Water4Gas, runyourcaronwater, Fueltrips, drivewithwaterfuel, wam-a-bam? These would be some of the sites that provide technology to run cars on Hydrogen (HHO or Brown’s Gas) which also can be called Hydroxy, that comes from water. These are the principal water to gas players inside the marketplace these days. So how does this technologies work, is it sustainable, is it dependable and which brand ought to you actually be going for? We’ll answer all this an far more in this post…

Any time you choose to install to this program and decided to provide 1 of these businesses a call, they would never ask you to put water to your gas tank. Nor they will ask you to buy a new auto using the water to gas engine. In fact, it is quite basic. You don’t have to change your engine or you car personal computer.

The water to gas conversion product comes in with distinct component that can be easily assembled at residence over the weekend. It only requires to make use of several basic tools. The conversion kits main parts would be:

Electrolyzer (some call it “Hydrogen Generator”): these will be the containers (quart sized) can contain about 950cc of ordinary tap water or distilled water (according to the requirement of the manufacturer of the conversion kit). It could possibly be glass, metal or plastic containers.

MAP Sensor Enhancer: this electronic device lowers fuel consumption devoid of modifying the engine or the computer

Vaporizer: adds water vapour towards the engine to cool it down, improves combustion and fuel economy.

Fuel Heater: pre-heats your gasoline for far better gas economy, using only energy from the radiator that gets wasted otherwise, it demands no modifications carried out towards the radiator or its hoses.

PCV Enhancer: an additional excellent companion to your hydrogen program that improves the PCV (Constructive Crankcase Ventilation) function, protects your engine and saves gas.
Fuse holder + wiring. Connect towards the 12 volts.

Vacuum T-connector: helps you splice the vacuum line for feeding the hydrogen and oxygen into the engine.

Catalyst: Ordinary baking soda.

Pure hydrogen is harmful, specially storing it in huge compressed quantities in containers. It can result into explosion, however water doesn’t explode. Which is why water to gas conversion kits don’t use pure hydrogen. Given that hydrogen is already compressed or present in water, it truly is safely and quickly released and consumed. So when HHO is produced, the by-product left is water. No dangerous chemical substances are becoming emitted from this program. You just want sufficient space under the hood to place a quart sized jar to put the water and catalyst. Catalyst may be the substance that helps the electricity separate water into HHO. Nothing will take place without having this material. This method uses ordinary baking soda, you can simply grab it from the nearest grocery retailer or from your kitchen cabinet.

Water is converted into HHO gas utilizing electrical energy from the car’s battery. The quart-sized water jar with a little bit of baking soda is placed below the hood. This device is linked with some fuse holder and wires to the car’s battery. It gets vacuum and electrical energy from the engine produces the HHO gas. The HHO gas is supplied to the carburaetor. The generator from your battery connects the device by way of the ignition switch. This prevents hydrogen production when the engine is off and utilizes less electrical energy.

Replica Watches Manufactured In Western Europe

Surely, you may have heart about Swiss watches as they are believed to be of the highest quality. Swiss watches have always been really amazing. Their main feature is complete harmony of usability and excellent design produced by masters. Collectors and celebrities can pay colossal sums of money for genuine Swiss watches as costs for them commonly can be matched with prices for auto. A lot of developers propose some replica brand watches. So you can buy them paying considerably less money.

There is almost no difference between replica and authentic watches. You dont actually know how many well-known people wear replica watches and dont feel shy. Replica watches give a great chance to purchase real Swiss watches but pay less.

Replica and counterfeit watches differ a lot from each other and you have to know it. The developers of counterfeit design watches that have got no similarities to original watches. During the process of producing of counterfeit watches there are only inexpensive matters utilized, so it can differ a lot from the original watches which are technically excellent. The accurate copies of Swiss watch may be told just by real professionals. Visually they are similar up to the littlest parts.

You may ask some wealthy persons and they will tell you that even having some giant sums of money people often buy fake Breitling watches simply to save some money. The quality of todays replicas is not inferior to authentic Swiss watches as the original Swiss clockworks, great quality materials and sapphire glass are the identical as in veritable watches. Your replica would look just like a real veritable watch and no one can tell you that it is just replica watch.

The price of the replica watch completely depends upon its quality. In case you want to buy Fake Panerai watches with authentic Swiss clockwork it can cost a bit more than replica supported with Japanese clockwork. You might understand that there are lots of other significant elements of the watch except mechanism. They are wristlet and body. The creators of replica watches try to make even the most inconsiderable nuances really brilliantly.

There is a nice opportunity for everyone to owe a Swiss watch that has been bought for just several hundreds dollars. You should know that things developed by hands commonly have quite greater level of quality. There is a thought that most of producers of replica watches are located in China, but it is actually not right. Replica watches that are developed in Europe can be compared with authentic watches by their quality, you simply dont have to pay for a brands mark.

All the replica watch has a guarantee which is proposed by the developers, so in case of some mishaps you have an opportunity to get a new watch for free.

Statistics shows that amounts of sells of replica watches permanently growing day after day, so you may see replica watches every day used by different people. There is a possibility that some of your friends have already purchased replicas. You may search the web and you would see that there are really a great deal of various online stores which propose this kind of production as replica watches. But be attentive when purchasing replica watches by means of the Internet and be assured that the delivery terms are good for you.

th National Auto Parts will interview Mr. Shao Dedong Guangzhou Yi Tao Rubber Auto Parts will be

October 22, 2009, Greentown Zhengzhou welcome the “66th National Car Parts Trade Fair “grand opening. It is the organizers said the fair has attracted more than 2,000 exhibitors nationwide, nearly 3,000 booths, the exhibition scale new heights.

In this exhibition, HC Network Interview in Guangzhou Yi Tao Rubber Mr. Shao Dedong. The following is a press report back from the field: :

Guangzhou Shaode Dong Yi Tao Rubber Co., Ltd. General Manager HC Network : Hello, everybody, here is the 66th National Auto Parts Fair site, welcome to Guangzhou Rubber Co., Ltd. Shaode Dong Yi Tao, general manager of network studio guest HC, Shao total, Hi. This time to attend this show, bring some of what the company’s products, give us a little?

Shaode Dong: Hello. The exhibition brought us air spring products, is currently the world’s unprecedented access to more high-end products, which we mainly used in domestic trucks, buses, and many high-end foreign cars on.

HC Network: You just have said, we are more high-end products, and also China is one of the few, please describe in detail, company fundamentals, especially in the economic crisis, the company whether some change?

Shaode Dong: All right. Our company is started in December 2004 set up, but because we choose the industries, involved in the field of air spring in China has just started, select the item access time, or rather forward. Currently we mainly export-oriented, the domestic market we account for around 30%. In Financial Crisis, our market share improved 13.2% in the domestic, as the Chinese market is a new market, so there is some growth.

HC Network: Yi Tao Rubber in domestic and foreign markets are a certain proportion, you just mentioned account for about 70% of exports, the export share of the domestic market than the much more. I recently spoke with many companies, they are slowly to domestic sales, because foreign markets are a number of hazards. Yi Tao Rubber reason why you feel able to maintain 70% market share abroad, mainly due to what?

Shaode Dong: Very simple, because the application of this product in a foreign country nearly 50 years history in China is concerned, we occupied the cost advantage and price advantage, so this project is a great market share abroad. Prior to this project in many foreign OEMs, China is not making such products, in fact we break this limitation. 2005 products in the domestic market has been subject to many foreign host market and the aftermarket favor, continue to purchase our products because we as the years of development, product diversification, product structure is growing and we can meet 85% of the global commercial vehicle needs. So directly proportional to our increasing investment in product development, market increasing, it is a mutual process.

HC Network: Mainly because of your company’s own R & D capability to improve, probably because China itself has cost advantages, making your competition in the overseas capital markets is to?

Shaode Dong: Yes. HC Network: In the domestic market is mainly host Supporting And after-sales market, how were kind of a situation?

Shaode Dong: The domestic market accounted for the total of our business Sell 30%, accounting for 30% of the OE among about 30%.

HC Network: 30% to 30% of them. Shaode Dong: In the domestic market, commercial vehicle, or has just started. Known as SAIC, FAW, heavy truck, such as the SAIC of the red lotus, they gradually adopted the system in the air springs. So we just cut into the ranks of just a wave, this piece has also been the general recognition of OEMs and aftermarket.

HC Network: You just said, we like the brand in the international history of many years, but in China it is not so a long history.

Shaode Dong: In the domestic market has just begun. HC Network: So how kind of operation in the Chinese market the brand, you may have the most current thinking right?

Shaode Dong: Yes, we will help the country to promote the product is necessary. We are into this platform to attract more customers, because the Chinese market is the focus of global development, I now speak, and our business structure is 70% of export products, 30% of domestic sales, the future planning of which I should be 70% domestic, 30% of exports, after all, China is the focus of future global commercial vehicle market.

HC Network: This market can not lose. Shaode Dong: By HC Auto Parts Network Platform and the National Auto Parts will be This platform, we focus on how we regulate the market, after all, after-sales market in China account for a large proportion of our future strategy of the company which need to be considered a very important issue.

HC Network: I have seen your future confidence in the market, but exactly how the brand operates, you have some specific planning?

Shaode Dong: Now we mainly through media propaganda, we do some of their own corporate Web site construction, including the network platform to promote, because our business globally through the promotion of network resources is a Electronic Business platform. We are using this effective e-business platform brand, and we do some further appropriate media. Such as in the HC and other media sites, as well as our corporate image advertising in the future, which will constantly increase our brand promotion efforts, including our participation in exhibitions to build up their brand. Rush to do more this year, so only do not do a special decoration booth. Will consider the next higher platform to attract a wider audience to understand our products, enhance the brand influence.

HC Network: You just hear out there is that special equipment the next booth. This next show, what views do you have, how kind of harvest?

Shaode Dong: I took part in this exhibition have a few years, and before the dealer did not know from our air spring, a slight touch to the present, this is the process of development.

HC Network: The show is also to bring you some of the increase in the number of dealers?

Shaode Dong: Yes. Now signed nine dealers, because we are business resources

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Ford F250 Pickup Front Hub Wheel Bearing – Ford F250 Wheel Bearing

Ford F250 Wheel Bearing
Ford Company has supplied some of best cars to their customers. Whether it is its appearance, design, interiors or total look of the car everything about is just perfect. Ford auto has different types of wheel bearing for each of its models. Some of the models of Ford wheel bearing are being elaborated below:

1988 Ford f250 pickup front Hub Wheel Bearing RL 71195 MILES:

Advantage: The main advantage of this wheel bearing is its outstanding pick up. This bearing is largely used in cars and trucks which are manufactured by Ford Company. Its finish is sleek and it has the service capacity for long years. The company also offers 30 day money back policy. The vehicle fitted with this gives passengers a comfortable ride and the driver the ease in driving.

1999 Ford F250 truck wheel bearing and Hub:

Advantage: The truck wheel bearing from ford is also superior product. Like other wheel bearing this one is also an ISO 9000 certified creation. This bearing is specifically designed for trucks which are manufactured by Ford Company.

New Front Excursion front Wheel Bearing Hub:

Advantage: The Company has launched New Front Wheel Bearing 4 Hub wheel. The main advantage of this part is that it also fits well into 2000-2004 Excursion models. The cost is affordable and the quality of wheel bearing is of a high standard. Why not then purchase the product for perfect smooth ride in your vehicle, especially if it happens to be Ford.

Ford F250 super duty Front wheel bearing Hub

Advantage: The advantage of this wheel bearing is that it caters to the front wheel and offers steady ride in the vehicle. Backed with new technology and lasting capability the inexpensive bearings are easily available at any outlet.

1992 Ford F250 PICKUP Front Hub Wheel Bearing Unknown Miles

Advantage: it exhibits a quick pick-up mode. The company proposes 30 day money back policy. The main advantage of this wheel bearing is that its durability is long lasting in the coverage of miles.
Advantage: This front wheel bearing model can be fitted in any of the ford model such as 1990, 1991, 1992 and 1993 year production. It gives trouble free service up to many thousands of miles.

Complaint Against Skoda Auto

Skoda Auto Customer Care packages provide complementary cashless vehicle insurance which helping the customers to put their vehicles back on road very quickly. The package includes third party insurance from various reputed insurance companies with whom the company has tied up and also provides own damage. There are attractive rates on Own Damage premiums and they also provide quality rebuilt engines. But often in many cases their promises are not kept and the consumers have to face difficulties in repairing the vehicle. There are various Skoda auto complaints lodged by various consumers.
The company provides a wide range of services including planning, maintenance, training, trouble shooting, upgrading and various others. They also have automated way of providing services by sales and service representative or in the internet site. This facility is provided 24x7x365 that is it can be availed at any time of the day from anywhere. One can simply log in to their official site and lodge any complaint or ask any query or can call on their toll free number and get enough information about any Skoda motor or any product. They provide extended warranty and owners manual for any vehicle manufactured by Skoda motors. As a valued Skoda motors customer one can get various supports from their workshop like quality servicing or repairs of the customers car. Though there are various Skoda Auto Complaints made by the customers but the company renders full support to the customers and helps them to come out of their problems related with the Skoda car. Mainly there are exchange related problems as the company mainly allows the exchange related schemes to cars which are being purchased by blood relation. One customer had demanded 18% interest on purchase of the car as he had exchanged his car on his fathers name and booked a new car on his wifes name so the discount scheme was not valid for him and the company had not provided any knowledge about this to him. There are many Skoda Auto Complaints which states bonus related problems where a promotional programme or scheme which had offered customers with a good respective amount of money to delivered within certain months, and the promises are not fulfilled. There are also vehicle parts related problems which mainly occur when parts are being exchanged by locally made vehicle parts and this problem is readily resolved when original Skoda auto part is used.
Skoda motors render an emergency support team which readily solves any mechanical or electrical breakdown problems or if a car faces any kind of road accident immediate road side assistance is provided by the Skoda team throughout India 24*7. This programme was started to acclaim customers goodwill and help them to have a hassle free ride anywhere and everywhere in India. Thus even though there are several Skoda Auto Complaints, they render qualified and trained and experienced technicians, service advisors and customer relationship officers. Special tools and quality parameter for repairing are being used to meet the customers needs providing the best industry labor charges. Comprehensive accidental repairs are also done by the experts who are experienced in body and paint shop technology and the company also provides state of the art world class pneumatically automated workshops.

Main Advantages Of Buying Auto Parts From Online Suppliers

There are numerous sources of purchasing auto spare parts. Nevertheless online shopping has gained popularity in recent times due to its convenient option and competitive prices. It has attracted even those who are new to the concept of Internet by meeting consumer expectations, which was initially feared by the supporters of conventional shopping methods.

Today most companies, who claim to be wholesale distributors or resellers of a wide range of automotive parts, have taken their business online to make their presence felt in the market. Most of them provide discounted prices or warehouse prices which any market store cannot afford to charge due to the presence of various agents in business transactions. Wholesale automotive parts warehouse sites also carry replacement parts, auto body parts and performance parts, plus all the tools and accessories to get the job done in a correct manner.

The other benefits of online stores selling spare automotive parts or used auto parts are as follows:

One need not run around the local market to find any auto parts, be it body part or engine part. A visit to a conventional retail store needs travel and must take place in business hours.

On-line shopping removes geographical limitations, so now a person sitting at home can easily shop from an auto part supplier company based out of California.

Competitions amongst stores are also high hence consumer feedback or reviews, on line catalogs and product information are common on most online shopping sites.

You also have many more options when shopping online. Not only can you find the part you need but you can also make comparative study before taking a final call.

Most of the online auto part suppliers have provision of fast and cost efficient shipping of their goods in any location around the world.

Online shopping for automobile spare part is a new trend and gaining its popularity at rapid pace. No matter what ones requirement at online auto part store one can easily have the parts at affordable prices.

What Are Oem Auto Parts And Why Should They Be Considered

Purchasing OEM auto parts is an excellent way of ensuring that the replacement parts you buy will fit your car. OEM auto parts are particularly important if you own a high-performance automobile such as the Alfa Romeo.

OEM products come from the Original Equipment Manufacturer. This means that as a car owner, you can get limited availability parts when you need them. You can buy from another manufacturer, but there are many reasons why you may choose to stick with OEM auto equipment.

For many owners, OEM car and truck parts will be an exact fit for their vehicle. Aftermarket products, for example, are often created to fit a variety of makes and models; occasionally, they will require some slight modifications by the installer in order to fit correctly. Though these parts claim to fit any make or model, it is often not the case. There may be complications with installation of the part, and it may require major modification in order to operate in your specific vehicle.

Another reason why consumers choose OEM auto parts is because they trust the manufacturer. If you need specific parts, and you buy them from directly from the manufacturer of your vehicle, then you know that you can trust the brand. You can also trust that the replacement parts were not cheaply made.

When you choose car parts that are not made by the vehicle’s brand company, you may find yourself buying from a multi-purpose manufacturer. This will mean that they do not specialize in your car’s specific model or edition parts; instead, they will carry a variety of parts for different vehicle makes, models, and editions. Outside manufacturers are not experts in your car’s parts, and cannot provide you the same level of authority that OEM can.

Dependability is another reason why one might choose to purchase OEM parts over components produced by another manufacturer. Since OEM built the car, it is safe to assume that the manufacturer knows the tolerances and specifications of each part. The manufacturer that made your car will create the most dependable parts possible for your particular vehicle.

Originality is yet another reason why consumers choose OEM auto parts. Let’s face it, if you own a vehicle like an Alfa Romeo, there is no need in trying to improve perfection. Installing Alfa Romeo parts is the best way to maintain the caliber and resell value of your car. Purists despise cars that are repaired with parts not from the Original Equipment Manufacturer.

Take a look at some vintage Alfa Romeos and compare the prices of the ones that were kept completely original and repaired with non-OEM parts. These different levels of vehicle “purity” often draw the distinction between vintage originals and vintage cars that have been restored with the parts of an aftermarket company. The cars that have been kept as close to their original condition as possible will warrant a much higher value. Enthusiasts will generally pay top dollar for a vintage vehicle, but they will often turn away from a car with mixed and matched parts that have been installed.

No matter how well a car is made, it will not escape the occasional need for repair. When your car needs to be worked on, you will be faced with many options for replacement parts. How much you want out of your car will often determine which replacement parts you should purchase.

Much of this has to do with your attitude about your car. Some people view their cars as an extension of their personality, while other owners simply see their cars as a way to get from point A to point B. Regardless of which end of the spectrum you lean toward, you can rest assured that OEM auto parts will perform in the manner that you expect them to. In addition, they are typically similar or less in cost than competing, one-size-fits-all parts.

In a perfect world, you would never have to replace any parts on your car. But since normal usage will cause some wear and tear, you will eventually need to replace some parts. When this happens, you should consider OEM automotive parts as one of your choice options.

Tippmann A5 Parts Top A5 Upgrades

If youre a Tippmann A5 owner, you may already know that there are a ton of Tippmann A5 parts and accessories available today. Finding the right A5 upgrades to suit your needs can be challenging. Lets take a look at a few key areas of the Tippmann A5 that offer the most performance enhancement for the money.

A5 Trigger Mods The Tippmann A5 comes in three version: Basic or Semi-Auto, Response Trigger (RT) and the A5 Selector Switch Egrip. Although the different trigger types are available pre-installed from the factory, the RT and Egrip are also offered as an upgrade option that can be installed to any Basic A5 at any time. The RT is strictly mechanical and uses air from the previous shot to reset a small cylinder behind the trigger. This cylinder resets the trigger quicker, offering faster rates of fire. The Selector Switch Egrip is an electronic driven trigger system. The board found in the grip frame allows you to select different firing modes as well as rates of fire. The settings on the A5 Egrip are almost endless and they allow the user to tweak very specific firing characteristics. The external selector switch allows for an on-the-fly firing mode change that can be pre-programmed by the user to any mode and setting.

Cyclone Feed Upgrades One of the unique features of any A5 is the loading system included from the factory. The Cyclone Feed System uses air from the previous shot to shuttle pre-chambered paintballs into the receiver. The Cyclone Feed System is very efficient out of the box and can feed at rates topping 15 balls per second. There are upgrades on the market from companies such as TechT Paintball, Lapco, JCS, Trinity and RAP 4 that allow the user to replace some of the internal components of the Cyclone Feed allowing it to cycle faster at a reduced operating pressure. Most are also made of aluminum and replace the stock plastic parts that can wear and crack over time. Upgrading the Cyclone Feed System with a new aluminum ratchet, piston housing, and a replacement advancement rod can net 20+ balls per second. Adding softer paddles can also reduce the number of ball breaks when firing paintballs that have a brittle or thin shell.

Tippmann A5 Barrels A barrel upgrade is one of the first changes most owners will make to their new paintball gun. Swapping out a barrel takes seconds and the results are immediate. There are an enormous amount of barrels on the market today. Due to the popularity of the A5, most model paintball barrels are produced in a version that features the ‘A5 specific’ barrel thread. The Tippmann A5 barrel thread is specific to the A5 and Tippmann X7 paintball guns. Any barrels labeled as being for the Tippmann A5 or X7 will work on the A5.

The current trend in the technology associated with creating longer range and accuracy in paintball is through barrel rifling. Rifling utilizes a spiral or linear groove inside the inner bore of the paintball barrel. This groove is responsible for either creating or stopping spin depending on the pattern. Regardless or the pattern, rifling has shown significant improvements in paintball accuracy and distance over traditional paintball barrels. Hammerhead Paintball has led the way in recent years, offering a patented rifling technology that has produced serious gains in accuracy and consistency.

By simply exploring these three areas, A5 owners can begin to upgrade their guns acquiring parts that offer the most performance gain for their money. They can then more towards more cosmetic upgrades, like scopes, shrouds and stocks that give their marker a style and comfort level that fits their specific needs.