Top 10 Secrets Of Federal Government Employee Discounts

Although government jobs are some of the most stable careers in the economy, federal employees are still watching their bank accounts and trying to save money. The good news is that many companies offer public servants deals on vacations, clothes, phones, auto insurance and home improvement. We have researched and compiled a list of the Top 10 Secrets of Federal Government Employee Discounts.

1. Food

10 percent discounts are offered to military members dining at IHOP, Denny’s, T.G.I Friday’s, Long John Silver’s and the Hard Rock Cafe. Applebee’s also offers a 15 percent discount at selected locations.

2. Clothing

10 percent discounts are offered at Nautica and New York and Co. Fans of Old Navy know the company offers a discount on the first of every month. These discounts can also be used in conjunction with coupons and other methods of saving.

3. Auto Parts
5 to 10 percent is offered at Kragen Auto Parts. Advance Auto Parts offers active and retired military members 10 percent off. AutoZone offers military discounts as well.

4. Insurance

Depending on the state, Geico offers between 3 to 10 percent off automobile insurance. Liberty Mutual also offers car insurance discounts.

5. Home Improvement

Lowes and The Home Depot offer 10 percent discount at most locations. The government is also offering up to $1,500 in tax rebates for installing energy-efficient products. offers a discount to federal employees and military personnel on a wide variety of products and services.

6. Eyes

Group Health Eye Care offers a 20 percent discount on prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses. Additionally, there is a one-time offer of 20 percent on contact lenses.

7. Gyms

Washington Sports Club offers 33 percent discount on their monthly membership fee.

8. Travel

When planning a trip, is our recommended site for vacation and leisure services. However, some other respected government travel sites are: Club Quarters, Government Vacation Rewards, Holiday Inn Express, and La Quinta Inns and Suites.

9. Communication and Technology

Verizon offers a 20 percent discount on phones, calling plans and accessories. When looking for home computing software and hardware consult Dell. They offer at least 10 percent when purchasing their products. Do you prefer Macs? Apple has recently offered various discounts on iPods and computers.

10. and

These are the top recommended sites for searching government discounts. offers a subscription which includes a free monthly newsletter highlighting savings and special offers on everything discussed above.

Government discounts are abundant, but are often overlooked. With some quick research, you may find yourself saving a lot of money.

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Replacement Auto Parts Where To Obtain Them

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Car Parts Queensland

Save Money Buying Used Auto Parts

Buying parts can get expensive. There are times when a used auto part can be just as good as a new one, especially when your auto parts store tells you it will be a week while they wait for the special order to come in.

Used auto parts can be a lifesaver, but you have to be careful when shopping. A used auto part that doesn’t work or doesn’t fit doesn’t do you much good. These tips will help you decide whether a used auto part is right for the job.

Know what you need. Be sure you know exactly what you want to buy before you shop. If possible, have the old part with you for comparison.

Ask questions. Don’t worry about looking like a novice while you stand at the used auto parts counter. They deal with amateur mechanics all the time, and most guys will give you credit for fixing it yourself even if don’t look the part.

Be sure the part is returnable. Sometimes you’ll end up with the wrong part no matter how careful you plan. Make sure they will exchange it for the right part if this happens.

Decide whether used is good for this repair. If you crack a tail light or break a motor mount, a used part is the perfect low-cost solution. Parts that wear out anyway like alternators, starters and brake rotors should probably be purchased new.

The basic idea of a car is pretty simple — turn wheels to pull you down the road. But, as illustrated by the hundreds of individual parts for sale at your local Pep Boys, Autozone or Napa Auto Parts, it actually takes a lot of machinery to make cars work. If you’re trying to figure out what all the parts in your car do, this next area will help.

How Car Engines Work
It’s the reason you can put the pedal to the metal and go from zero to 60 in about 8 seconds. The car engine is a piece of engineering genius and one of the most amazing machines we use on a daily basis. Learn how the four-stroke internal combustion engine works.

How Superchargers Work
Since the invention of the internal combustion engine, automotive engineers, speed junkies and race car designers have been searching for ways to boost its power. One way is by installing a supercharger, which forces more air into the combustion chamber. Learn how superchargers can make an engine more efficient.

Once you learn the basics you will find it much easier to move on to the more advanced systems of an automobile.

Why Implement Spf Records On My Domain

Prevent potential damage to your brand.

By implementing an SPF record (sender policy framework) spammers and phishers are less likely to choose your domain as their cover domain.

This is because spammers will seek domains which do not implement any form of email authentication as there is a higher chance they will get through spam filters at the receiving domain. Without SPF/email authentication when the remote mail server receives an email it will have no way to verify or check whether the email is likely to be genuine or not and will therefore have to rely on unreliable content filtering to establish whether the email is likely to be spam or not. Content filtering relies on patterns like words or phrases within the body or subject of the message and the receiving mail server will make a decision on whether your email is genuine purely on the content of your message. With SPF the spam filter at the remote mail server will be able to make a more informed decision as to whether the message is genuine or not.

If you do implement SPF however it is still possible that spammers will attempt to use your domain as their cover domain and attempt to deliver messages using it. When this happens the remote mail server will check against your SPF record and recognize that the source of the email it has just received is not authorised to send email for your domain and is likely to block or quarantine your message. This means that if your customers or potential customers are the target of the spam the vast majority of the emails will be blocked which will reduce the impact to any of your non internet savy client base. In addition to helping your own client base and protecting your own brand you are also allowing the wider internet community to cut down on the amount of spam on the internet by being able to pickup on more of it and block it.

SPF can also help you reduce the amount of users that blacklist your domain. Lets imagine a scenario when you have not implemented SPF, a spammer has successfully delivered email to many domains around the word seemingly coming from your domain/brand. In this instance there are likely to be many people around the world marking these emails as spam. Many spam filters use bayesian techniques for the spam filter to auto learn. This means that once a user has marked an email coming from your domain as spam, the spam filter will analyse every part of the email, looking for phrases, html patterns, images and the from domain and email address. If the spammer is sending many different emails using your domain one of the few things that will remain consistent will be your domain name and the spam filter will pickup on this. If you then send the mail server that has auto learnt about your domain and the large amount of spam coming from it, a genuine email, the chances are it will be blocked. The chances of this happening will be much reduced if you had implemented SPF.

Spam filters dont only negatively score emails which fail the SPF check. If an email from a domain passes an SPF check, it is quite feasible that the administrator of that spam filter has added a policy to positively score that email. This means that genuine email from your domain is MORE likely to be delivered to the inbox of the person you are sending an email to.

In Summary then the reasons for implementing SPF are :-

* You domain is less likely to be used by a spammer.
* If your domain is used by a spammer, the emails are far more likely to get blocked.
* You help reduce the amount of overall spam on the internet.
* Your domain is less likely to be blacklisted by bayesian spam filters.
* Genuine email is more likely to get through spam filters.

That being said however, the biggest objection to SPF is that many people think that it breaks email forwarding. This is where the email is received by one mail server and then forwards it to another for a particular account or domain. Although this is true if the email server receiving the forwarded mail does inbound SPF checking there are several workarounds you can put in place.

One of most commonly used workarounds is to whitelist the mail server that forwards mail to your own. This means that it can fail the SPF check but you can still choose to allow the email through. The vast majority of mail servers allow whitelisting and this is normally very easy to implement. If you however can not support whitelisting there is another option. The other option is that instead of forwarding from the original domain that the email was sent from, you can instead resend the email, e.g take the contents of the original email, put it into a new email and send it from a domain which will not fail SPF checks.

I think you will agree that the benefits far outway the negatives, especially as only a small percentage of domains and users forward mail so no doubt you now want to know how you can go about implementing your SPF record on your domain(s). Email Manual will be posting a guide tomorrow on how to create your SPF record and within a couple of days we will have a guide on how you can implement the SPF record on both BIND and Microsoft DNS servers, why not subscribe via twitter or our RSS feed to be notified of when these guides are available.

Pricol Auto Parts Supplier

Pricol Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of auto parts in India.Approximately, 2000 or more product and product variants are on offer.New products like Instrument Cluster with positive type blue black lit LCD, Enhanced vision under adverse conditions, central locking system, Cruise Control Actuator, advance telematic control unit etc have been introduced by the company.

Pricol’s corporate vision “Strive for excellence in all we do through socially and environmentally acceptable means,” have been followed in more than three decades of service and product manufacturing.The vision is shared by the board of Directors to the foreman of the company with utmost sincerity.It is an ISO/TS 16949,ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, certified company.

It has won many awards for its achievements as a manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of auto parts.Best supplier Award for significant contribution towards TAFE’s International Business Initiatives – 2009 by Tractors and Farm Equipment limited. Award for Excellence in Delivery – 2008 was presented by Tata Motors.Maruti Udyog awarded Vendor Performance Award for Quality – 2005-2006.

Certificate for outstanding Performance in the category of cost was given by DENSO ,Haryana-2007.Supplier of the year award – silver – 2007 by Toyota Kirloskar Motors ,India. Award for achieving quality and Delivery Target – 2006-2007 was given by Honda Motorcycles and Scooters, India. These awards speak of the commitment that Pricol Limited has as an auto supplier and manufacturer.

The in-depth knowledge and expertise of the automobile industry comes from dedicated service and world class products for last thirty years.It is responsible for making India as one of the key industries in automotive parts market, globally.

Pricol has offices in 45 different countries of the world.It has formed alliances and merged business to rope in latest technology methods and new product ideas.This enhances its experience in technical, mechanical and electromechanical manufacturing and supply of automotive parts.It is instrumental in understanding the international automobile engineering and technology .It helps the domestic market also as many new models in cars, Suvs , Muvs are launched and introduced in the country.

The way travel and transportation used to happen earlier has gone through tremendous and speedy changes. Hence, the growth in the vertical industry has also increased.For instance, in the aviation industry, the number of operators used to be very less compared to the boom experienced now.The segment has diversified and expanded its horizons on all fronts.Pricol has maintained its strong technical support through upgraded and advance technological expertise in manufacturing and supplying auto parts

English tools & Castings is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pricol limited.The company engages in manufacturing and supplying pressure die casting components, plastic injection moldings components and tool services.Precision is paramount that is visible in the end- products.The modern infrastructure enables further to supply products to majority of industry variants.Work force of five thousand (approximately) , more than seven well -equipped factories, strategic locations and international expertise makes Pricol limited an formidable competitor in the automobile industry in India and abroad.

The Advantages Of Hiring A Car Locksmith

Getting locked outside your car can be quite a harrowing experience. In such a troubled scenario, the best person to bail you out would be a professional car locksmith. The best thing about these car locksmiths is the fact that they have a lot of knowledge and training in the subject. They are well aware of the latest security technology and will be able to unlock your car in just a few minutes. There are a lot of benefits of hiring the services of a professional car locksmith and some of them have been discussed below.
A car locksmith has the right tools to repair or replace the locks. He is up-to-date with the latest technology that is used in the security system these days and hence solving your problem will just be a matter of minutes. You might think that a dealer shop will be able to serve the same purpose. You are correct to a certain extent but the dealer shop unlike the locksmith will not be able to provide emergency services. The car locksmiths with their tools will make sure that the job gets done as soon as possible and in a much more cost effective manner.
Some people have often faced situations like losing their car keys or breaking them after inserting the ignition. If the same happens to you while you on a desolate area, the best option for you is to call the car locksmiths. They will be on the move immediately, find you and the fix the problem of the car. Hence, no matter where or when you need them, they will always be there for you.
Thanks to the expertise and the experience of these professional car locksmiths, they know how to repair door and ignition locks, replace them, extract broken keys and duplicating those keys as well. Therefore they have the answer to all your car security problems.
Before hiring a car locksmith though, keep a few things in mind. Kindly check if the professional has a valid license because a trained locksmith will be able to provide you with superior quality services without causing damage to any part of the automobile.
If you are looking for a reliable and an efficient car locksmith, Chicago is where you will find some of the best ones. Visit Amazing Lock Service Inc. for experienced locksmiths who will offer quality services at affordable rates.

Auto Racing Tax Deductions

For many people, nothing surpasses the feeling of bombing down the racetrack at breakneck speed, passing a rival while the wind sweeps through your hair, engine grease sticks under your fingernails and a whiff of unburnt fossil fuel lingers about your nostrils. The only thing remotely comparable to winning the race might be claiming tax deductions for your efforts. Well, if your car has the right set-up, then the government may let you do just that.

Business vs. Hobby Activity
One approach to substantiating tax deductions for auto racing expenses involves characterizing the undertaking as a business rather than hobby activity under Treasury Regulation Section 1.183-2. For an example of how to do so, look to the case of Morrissey v. Commissioner, which concerned a banker who operated a competitive drag racing outfit. The taxpayer proved that he entered into racing with the actual and honest intent to earn a profit, and therefore, the court allowed him to claim deductions for racing-related expenses. Critical factors in this determination included that Morrissey had obtained sponsorship from a local casino, actively worked to make his car more competitive, enjoyed previous success in drag racing, prepared detailed business plans and maintained a separate bank account for racing transactions. (Morrissey v. Commissioner, T.C. Memo 2005-86)

Advertising Expense
Another way to claim deductions for racing costs rests upon the argument that the activity provides a direct benefit to your business as an advertising venture. For instance, in Ciaravella v. Commissioner, the owner of a company that sold and leased Learjets, also raced open-wheeled cars. Ciaravella’s company reimbursed him for his racing activities as an advertising expense. The IRS argued that such reimbursement actually constituted a disguised dividend rather than a deductible payment. However, the court allowed the company to claim the reimbursement as an advertising deduction, in part, because Ciaravella’s car bore the company’s logo and he used his status as a race car driver to develop relationships with wealthy race fans interested in purchasing Learjets from his company.

Yellow Caution Flag
Beware however that the Internal Revenue Service and federal tax courts have noted that people often engage in auto racing for amusement or recreation as a hobby-like undertaking. Note also that for tax purposes, the law prohibits hobby deductions in excess of hobby income. (IRC Section 183) As such, those looking to claim deductions for the full amount of their racing expenditures should be prepared to demonstrate to the IRS that their activity has an underlying profit motive. Consult with your tax attorney or certified public accountant for further advice on documenting and substantiating this position for your specific situation

Commonly Deductible Items
If you can prove that your pursuit of auto racing glory should qualify as a for-profit activity, then the tax rules allow deductions for many of the related costs. (IRC Section 162) Commonly incurred deductions related to operating an auto racing business may include expenditures for supplies (gas, oil, tires and other spare parts), travel (airfare, lodging and meals), entrance fees, licensing, repairs, uniforms, research and development, merchandising production, advertising, administrative overhead and employee salaries. However, expenditures for the cost of acquiring or improving long-term assets, such as a race car or trailer, usually should be capitalized and depreciated over a five-year period, unless an exception applies.

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Used Auto Parts Japan

The online shopping option has facilitated for quick access to used auto parts from Japan, from just anywhere at anytime. This is especially beneficial for people who have a fetish for used cars from Japan. Used auto parts are in demand when company-made auto parts for older models are not readily available. This incidentally is a common problem that happens with all vehicle manufacturers.
You can even get used auto parts of Japan via the internet for used trucks from Japan. Used Parts are usually OEM parts, which cost about one-third of what the new ones do in most of the cases. And unlike the prevalent belief that they do not perform as much as the new ones, they can perform exceptionally well in your vehicle. And with the online option available to get access to these products, you need not be worried about running from pillar to post to find them. By using the online option to find used auto parts from Japan, you can save both precious time and money.
You can even get used auto parts of Japan via the internet for used trucks Japan. Used Parts are usually OEM parts, which cost about one-third of what the new ones do in most of the cases. And unlike the prevalent belief that they do not perform as much as the new ones, they can perform exceptionally well in your vehicle. And with the online option available to get access to these products, you need not be worried about running from pillar to post to find them. By using the online option to find used auto parts from Japan, you can save both precious time and money.

Most of the distributors that have their online presence supply OEM used auto parts, to preserve their credibility in the run long. So, for all those owners of used cars from Japan, you need not be worried about the auto parts for repairing, rebuilding and remodeling. It is recommended that you go for only these original used parts rather than fitting counterfeited aftermarket parts in your vehicle. Using bogus auto parts even if they are new may result in incompatibility when used in coordination with other OEM parts.

Getting used auto parts of Japan from the online source have many combined advantages compared to their brand new parts like cost effectiveness, quality performance and also higher rate of availability. And all this has been made possible due to the introduction of the internet into our lives. It has indeed managed to bridge the gap between the buyer and the seller no matter whichever part of the world they are in. And most of these websites get these auto cars from Japan ready for use in your Japanese used car i.e. they are cleaned, tested for performance and are ready for use.

Use the internet to get used auto parts Japan and you do not have to compromise on quality and money.

Durasolid Carrier Bearing Puller A Boon For Differential Installers

DURASOLID differential carrier bearing puller is a specialty tool that every automotive differential installer must have. The original as well as other branded differential bearings are quite expensive and often in short supply. Saving the same for reuse becomes quite important to save some money in these bad times.

Differential installers often face situations where after having set up the gears and replacing bearings they find that the shims under carrier bearings need to be changed to adjust the backlash. The conventional tools would end up in damaging the bearings or the seal surface and to save the same you have no choice but to live with the problem.

Now the installers dont need to compromise or be afraid of damaging the carrier bearing if they own a Durasolid carrier bearing puller kit as the clamshell design wont let the bearings damage while pulling them out and also save your expensive differential locker or carrier from damaging.

There were times when these differential carrier bearing pullers used to be very expensive and thus unaffordable and the automotive differential installers had no choice but to use the conventional tools or at the most commercial bearing pullers to pull the bearings from differential carriers, air lockers or pinions and end up spending too much of their expensive time and also damaging the carrier bearings or the seal surface in case of air lockers. Differential Installers who could not afford to buy the Clam shell design bearing pullers used to get it on rent as high as $100.

DURASOLID upon realizing this fact launched their clamshell design bearing puller in the range of $200.

DURASOLID carrier bearing puller further comes in two versions :

DBP DFF001 works on most standard size carrier bearing bearings / pinion bearings on differentials up to & including Dana 70, Dana 70 HD and Ford 10.25.

DBP DFF002 is to save money for those who do not work on Dana 70 HD, DANA 80 and FORD 10.25

The parts of the bearing puller that undergo heavy loads or wear and tear are made from alloy steel and heat treated to give a very long life. Majority of the parts are powder coated for good aesthetics and corrosion resistance. A sleek stand takes care of proper storage of all parts of this bearing puller.

Most of the light duty differential carriers do not have access or relief cut under the seating face of the bearing cone or the relief cut is too small and conventional bearing pullers mostly end up damaging the bearing and sometimes even the differential carrier / Air Locker ground face or the seal housing. The improved clamshell design of this bearing puller easily pulls out the carrier bearings from most of the light duty differential carriers and does not let the differential bearings damage.

While you enjoy this special tool at special price, DURASOLID is committed to bring to you an affordable range of differential service / installation equipments in days to come and make your work easy.