T-fal Ultimate Ez Clean Fryer Fr-7008002 Review

T-Fal has long been a popular name in cookware. Pots and pans in the T-Fal line can be found in nearly any department store, and the line is known for its durability and ease of use. But, did you know that T-Fal also manufactures deep fat fryers for the home?

The T-Fal FR7008002 Ultimate EZ Clean Pro Deep Fryer is perfect for all of your home frying needs. The fryer holds up to 2.65 pounds of food and up to 3.3 liters of oil. The system includes an auto drain oil filtration system that makes clean up easy. To make cleaning even easier, all parts of the T-Fal EZ Clean deep fryer are dishwasher safe, as well.

The fryer has some additionally nice features include a top viewing window, so you can always see your food as it’s cooking, an indicator light to let you know when the oil is hot enough to use the fryer, and there is also an adjustable thermostat so you can choose the perfect temperature, depending on what type of food you’ll be frying.

Primary Features of the T-Fal Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer

* Size: 193x 133x 163
* Shipping Weight: 15 pounds
* Capacity: 3.29 liters of oil and 2-2/3 lbs of food
* Automatically drains and filters oil
* Ready indicator light and adjustable thermostat

User Reviews of the T -Fal Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer

Around the internet, the T -Fal Ultimate EZ Clean Fryer has received good reviews, rating approximately 4 stars, on a 5 star scale. About 74% of reviewers would recommend this fryer.

Reviewers liked the fact that the fryer accommodates a lot of food at one time, and also found the fryer to be easy and convenient to use. Many reviewers commented on the auto filtration system – it makes cleaning up very easy and most users appreciated that the fryer has dishwasher safe parts.

There are a few drawbacks to the fryer, that were noted in some reviews. The fryer doesn’t give a digital readout of the current temperature, so while it’s possible to adjust the temperature, you won’t necessarily know the exact temperature of the oil when using the fryer.

Users do need to be very careful with the amount of oil that is used, as like many fryers, oil can leak out if too much oil is put in. Finally, the indicator light is in kind of an awkward spot and can be a little hard to see, depending on how you have the fryer situated on your counter top.

Following are some comments from users of the T-Fal EZ Clean Fryer:

* Brilliantly simple, easy to use, easy to take apart and clean
* The auto-filter gives me clean oil to work with every time without the hassles of cheese-cloth
* The easy cleaning with the oil filter system is AWESOME.

Attractively priced, around $100, the T -Fal Ultimate EZ Clean Stainless-Steel Immersion Fryer is a good bargain when it comes to deep fryers for the home. While it’s certainly not the cheapest fryer available on the market, given the features it includes, it’s worth the investment.

Car Parts The Importance Of Wheels

Weve all noted at some point or another that a particular thing is the best invention since that of the wheel. Or perhaps weve laughed as someone has tried to make a simple process unnecessarily difficult for themselves by reinventing the wheel. Though man had made and implemented a wide variety of tools before the invention of this one, the wheel has assumed an iconic place in the way we look at the world. And unlike many historic inventions which, though important at the time of their genesis, have since fallen by the wayside, the wheel continues to remain an important part of our lives today, forming an essential linchpin upon which one of the most important tools of modern life is built.

These days, it is easy to take for granted the great mobility we enjoy, choosing as we do from a multitude of ways to travel. One of the most frequently used methods of transport remains the car, from its humble beginnings as a self propelled vehicle in the eighteenth century to the vast array of shapes and makes we find today. Like several other modes of transit, the principle of the car is based upon that of the wheel, which, combined with an axle, allows for the forward motion that is such an intrinsic part of the human condition.

As has occurred with other elements of the car, a combination of technology and a preference for the finer things in life has resulted in a choice of wheels and tyres that is quite astounding. Different types of tyres have created greater diversity in the terrains upon which cars may be used, and made use of increased technological knowledge to ensure the safety of a cars passengers. Meanwhile, such accessories as hubcaps have been added to this important car part to personalize them to both car manufacturer and the driver.

While historians cannot agree entirely upon the exact point at which this important tool was invented, there is little doubt that this remains unimportant to todays modern motorist. We rarely give our wheels a second thought, but without them, our cars would be entirely useless, and we would be left sitting on the road, in a pointless metal cage.

Beware of Counterfeit Auto Parts

Recent concerns about U.S. port control have been focusing on the possibility that American ports will be used as a conduit for terrorists to attack America. What many people do not realize is that only about 5% of all containers going through our port system have their contents inspected by authorities. That means a full 95% of the containers never receive a visual inspection, although many do get electronically scanned. Still, it is the naked eye which can detect and determine if something in a container isn’t quite right. As far as auto parts go, a visual inspection is necessary; unfortunately many fake parts do get through. A global epidemic is in progress and it has little to do with terrorists and everything to do with counterfeit auto parts. Let’s take a look at the counterfeit parts “industry” and how you can avoid getting taken.

Yes, it is an industry…the counterfeit auto parts “business” that is. Every year billions of dollars worth of fake auto parts are produced worldwide and circulated to unsuspecting consumers. In some countries the problem is completely out of hand resulting in injury, even death, to drivers and their passengers. Among the parts frequently counterfeited are:


Rocker arms


Transmission fluids



Distributor caps



Brake pads

Air conditioner condensers

Shocks and struts

Oxygen sensors

Spark plugs…

…the list goes on and on and on…

So, how can you spot a fake auto part? A visual inspection of the product is very important. Look at the part and feel it. If it seems or looks different from the part that it is replacing, then that can be a sure sign that it is a counterfeit. In addition, check the packaging carefully: odd shaped or odd fitting packaging, mismatched logos, typos, anything out of the ordinary should raise a red flag to you.

If you believe a part is fake contact the retailer and let them know that you suspect that they sold a counterfeit part to you. Don’t accuse the retailer of knowingly doing something wrong; any decent retailer will quickly remedy the situation as it is their reputation that is on the line.

No, you can’t guarantee that you will never purchase a counterfeit auto part, but you can certainly reduce the chances. Only deal with reputable retailers and when purchasing online avoid purchasing from overseas suppliers. Auto parts wholesalers not only can save you money, but lessen the risk of you getting something that isn’t genuine. How is that? Because wholesalers buy everything directly from the manufacturer. No middle man to get in the way to jack up prices or, potentially, try to pass off auto parts as genuine that are in reality, fake.

The counterfeit auto parts industry is booming but you can do your part to lessen its impact. Be aware of what you are buying and only purchase your replacement auto parts from reputable dealers who stand by everything they sell.

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Restoring An Old Bicycle

Restoring an old or vintage bike can be a daunting task but can be very rewarding upon completion. There are certain rules to follow and precautions to take before jumping into a full bicycle restoration. But, the hardest part may be deciding on which style or type of bike you would like to restore. Old beach cruisers and commuter bikes almost always come out looking beautiful.

When restoring an old or vintage bicycle the first step would be to disassemble the bike. This procedure often makes people very excited and they take parts off without fully remembering where they go when it’s time to start rebuilding the bike. When taking your bike apart keep a close eye on all the pieces you are taking off so you can remember where they go back on.

Once your bike is stripped you can begin removing any rust and paint. You can buy rust removing products at your local hardware store. You can also use steel wool to remove rust from the metal parts and sandpaper to remove the paint. Most people don’t realize this but it is a cool idea to wear a medical mask while removing rust and paint so you don’t breathe in any loose particles.

Now that all paint and rust are removed you can begin to paint. The best paint and primer to use would be auto spray paint which can be obtained at your local auto parts store and some hardware stores. You always want to start with a white base layer because it helps the paint stick to the metal. Once you have a base layer you can now spray using the auto paint. You want to spray about 12-18 inches away from the parts and frame. Once you put a few layers of paint on you can use a clear coat enamel to finish the paint job.

Your bike should be looking pretty sharp now. It is time to start putting your bike together. When adding the cranks, headset, and pedals you will want to re-grease them using bike grease. Just oil your chain and you are all set to enjoy your fully restored bicycle.

Autozone Auto Parts The Biggest Sponsors Of Auto Racing

AutoZone Auto Parts is one of the biggest supporters of auto racing in the US. Whether it is AutoZone Auto Parts automobiles or full AutoZone Auto Parts races they do it all. Recently they became sponsors of the NASCAR Elite division and we are going to take a look and see exactly what that means.

AutoZone Auto Parts – Elite NASCAR Sponsor

AutoZone Auto Parts is now the title sponsor for the NASAR Elite Division. The Elite Division, which will now be re-named the NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division, consists of four individual racing series in four regions of the country – Midwest, Northwest, Southeast and Southwest.

The NASCAR AutoZone Elite Division features Late Model style cars competing on a variety of short tracks and super speedways and serves as a feeder system to the NASCAR Grand National Division and NASCAR’s three national series.

What this means to you the fan is that one of the most exciting and original race series under the NASCAR umbrella gets some serious corporate sponsorship. While this is a lower level of competition in NASCAR, the racers in this division are of the utmost quality and competition is truly at a premium.

This division is designed to give competitors at local short tracks a path to advance their careers toward the Winston Cup, Busch, and Craftsman Truck Series. After mastering their skills in this division drivers can go to the Grand National Division.

The division will comprise nearly two hundred and fifty race teams competing in fifty events annually. Many times these events are held with the three national series to provide additional media and fan exposure for the teams and drivers. There were many drivers currently racing in NASCAR’s top circuit that began here.

At the end of the year the ten best drivers will be brought together for an invitational only showdown that will showcase the top regional racers from around the country. This lower level division is a much need circuit to continue to feed top drivers into circuits throughout the NASCAR world.

I guarantee that if you give this race a chance you will be impressed by the skill of the drivers. The speeds may not be as intense as the top level, but the competition is at a high level as racers compete to try to further their careers. Each race could be there big chance to break through and get recognized or picked up by a top team. In addition by gaining points each racer has a chance to try to get themselves into the shootout at the end.

Guidelines For Buying Auto Parts Online

How easy it is to buy anything over the internet. There are avenues to buy just about anything today via the internet that never existed years ago. There are so many opportunities to buy things at better prices using the internet versus shopping in the local stores. Buying auto parts is one venue that has increasingly enjoyed the assistance of the internet to increase its sales. Users have the ability to search various stores and websites searching for that particular auto part. Here are a few guidelines to consider when shopping for auto parts online.

Always first consider shopping the reputable name brand stores online. Most every reputable auto parts store has an online catalog of parts and accessories. You have the opportunity to shop their entire nationwide database for any particular part you are searching for. All you do is order the part and it is easily shipped wherever you decide. This makes shopping online very convenient. No more do you have to go inside Schucks Auto Parts store and ask about a part. You can either research online auto parts website for a part or search one of its competitors websites.

Not only do these online catalog stores offer parts but they also offer information on installing parts, coupons, and other insightful information. There are manuals that you can purchase via these websites as well. So, if you get stuck on how to install a car part just research the websites resources and maybe they will have instructions or links directing you how to properly install the part.

Many online auto parts stores offer their customers blogs to read. These blogs are designed with the customer in mind. It keeps you current on new and information that will keep you informed on any current auto news. You can ask questions in blogs that anyone can answer. This is a great resource for receiving help or getting a question answered about a part.

Along with offering auto parts you can also search for accessories for you vehicle. You get basically the same shopping experience on an online website as you do going to your local auto parts store, except you are in the comfort of your home, office, or shop. There are many accessory items that can be added to your auto parts purchase.

Shopping for auto parts online allows you the convenience of doing price comparisons. This is very easy to do because you can visit every auto parts store you can think of and compare their prices on the auto part you need very easily. Coupons are always offered and many websites allow free shipping. This is a huge money saver compared to stopping by your local Schucks Auto Parts store. It is simply easier to do.

In summary, buying auto parts online has many advantages, from better availability, to the ability to compare prices much more easily to the wealth of auto repair and maintenance information at your fingertips.

How To Open An Auto Repair Shop Or Auto Parts Store

When the economy is down, business is up for companies that help people repair and extend the life of high value items like cars and other vehicles. If you have been considering opening an auto repair shop or auto parts store, now is the perfect time to start your small business. You will need a good location, clever marketing, and a full stock of wholesale auto parts.

As long as people have someplace to go, they need their cars to operate and run smoothly. By repairing and selling parts for the repair of automobiles, you are providing a valuable and lucrative service.

Which Wholesale Auto Parts to Purchase

You will need a complete range of automotive tools for your repairs such as smaller car repair tool kits for your clients. Most auto parts stores stock available tire repair kits and accessories, road side emergency kits, gas cans and funnels, car mats, steering wheel covers, window shades, and a complete line of automotive cleaning products, such as turtle wax.

Stock the displays at the end of aisles and the counter with impulse buy car accessories such as CD cases, air fresheners, car flags, and key chains. Don’t forget to stock items for motorcycle repair and maintenance, too. Motorcyclists take frequent pit stops and take very care of their rides.

Extra Specialty Items

If there is a strong market for specialty items in your area, you need to carry those in your store. Many young people spend time, energy and money upgrading their car sound systems with the latest vehicle audio equipment.

And people with children are always looking for ways to keep their kids comfortable and safe in the car. carry a variety of child passenger safety products such as window shades, mirrors, and seat alarms.

Technology is opening up a range of products, from GPS navigators to cellular phone accessories for the vehicle. Many states have laws requiring the use of hands-free cell phone technology in the car so ear buds, car chargers, and cell phone holders for the car are all popular motorist items.

Keep in mind seasonal needs, as well. Shovels, snow brushes, and ice scrapers sell fast when the first storm hits so buy in bulk and have plenty in stock. If you have storage space, pick up closeout items during the off season and you will be ready when terrible weather sends motorists searching for the last snow scraper in town.

Where to Open an Auto Repair Shop or Auto Parts Store

If you plan to primarily sell auto parts at your store and offer only a few basic services, such as replacing brakes and changing oil, you can open your shop in almost any commercial space.

Full auto repair services require property zoned for heavy commercial use. Check with your local town planning board before you begin your search.

Alot of auto parts and repair shops are located at busy intersections. Visible locations do some of your marketing for you, saving you money.

Purchase Auto Parts and Car Accessories Wholesale

To save money when stocking your automotive repair part store, buy wholesale auto parts. You need to find the least expensive quality products available and wholesale gives you a good profit margin on automotive parts. Once your store has been open for a few months, you will have a good idea of which auto parts sell most quickly, so buy those in bulk and on closeout whenever possible.

Get Best Quality Truck Parts And Auto Repair Service

Finding used auto parts and truck parts is very tedious work. Even though you find a body part or auto part you are looking for, you will have to make sure that it is the right kind of used part, from the same model and year that of your car or truck. When you deal with Automotix, there is no need to worry about locating part. Just call us and our expert technicians will track down the genuine and correct part.

Automotix has a large inventory of used auto parts and truck parts for any domestic and foreign vehicle you have. If you are searching for mechanical or auto body parts for a truck, car or SUV, you need to do is give our customer care a call and talk and ask about your queries and our knowledgeable auto parts staff will guide you their best and find all your answers. If there is shortage of any part, we will locate the used truck parts, used car parts and also used SUV parts and make it available for you at affordable cost and in a reasonable time.

Auto repair is a very time taking and tiresome job. Yet we want perfect auto repair and should solve the problem. We are here to provide you trustworthy service and mechanical repairs for your truck parts, domestic and foreign auto parts. We have very advanced and computerized diagnostic center to diagnose any problem and our hard working staff also looks for any other kind of damages in car or truck other than what you have stated. We have expert group of licensed technicians who can install new and used auto parts from our own inventory. We have our own equipment and training staff in repairing your truck, car, sports utility vehicle and provide you best possible auto repair service.

Auto repair includes variety of repairing service. Sometimes repair is due to wear and tear of auto part and sometimes due to collision there is need for auto repair service. For collision repair you want a trustworthy company as you need entire new look to your car. People do trust us for any kind of collision repair for your truck parts or car parts. The collision repair needs extra work and expert technicians to do the best work so as to make the vehicle new and running again.
The truck owners are those who usually go on long road trips with family or for business work to transfer goods and other work. Therefore the truck parts experience more wear and tear. Hence the trucks need more regular servicing to inspect and replace as per the requirement. Your truck or SUV constantly needs minor and major repairs and with the talent and experience of our staff you will never get any problems on your long trips outside or in the city. We have certified and trained auto repair technicians that will make your truck or car into its original running condition.

We provide you with guaranteed service, great deals, and preferred insurance plans. So stop your search now and visit us.

Coarse Fishing Tackle Evaluation The Shimano Catana 2500 Ra Reel

If you’re a coarse angler, then you realise the challenge of tracking different fish species. When you’re fishing for barbell, bream, dace, perch, pike, grayling among others, your coarse fishing tackle should be as flexible as it can be. Being a coarse fisherman, you’ll usually need to adjust very quickly to a diversity of fishing spots, baits and tactics. For my part, I like pike simply because they put up a great battle and pose a rather good challenge. It makes no difference what coarse species you may be partial to, you will have to have tackle that’s both tough and effectual. Given that I can’t afford to buy top-of-the-line fishing gear, I’m always on the lookout for quality tackle that’s cost-effective. I wanted to put forward my views on a superb, inexpensive reel from Shimano: the Cantana 2500 RA.

Most Important Components of the Shimano Catana 2500 RA Coarse Fishing Reel

This reel can be used by the left or right hand and is rather light in weight, a feature that’s vital to me during extensive fishing excursions. It offers 2 stainless steel ball bearings for easy operation and will carry 200 yards of 6 pound test line. The gear ratio is 5.2:1, and the gearing is cold forged. Cold forging is a method in which a metal, often aluminium, is forced into a die, where it deforms in a managed way and takes the design of the die. In the issue of cold forged aluminium, the metal also is put through a heat treatment tempering procedure that strengthens it. The Catana 2500 RA features an additional extra-light graphite spool along with the typical aluminium spool. In spite of its exceptionally low price of around 24.99, the reel features 3D CAD-CAM designed gearing for precise functioning and extraordinary efficiency.

More About the Catana 2500 RA Reel

Another high tech feature found on this budget friendly reel is the progressive multi-disk rear drag system that has a surprisingly wide variety of fine tunings. This makes the reel perfect for anything from heavy spinning to light match fishing. The Dyna-Balance aspect might be looked at as close to balancing an auto tyre. This process does away with rotor wobble during the retrieve. The Varispeed oscillation element assures exact line lay. Lastly, the 2500 RA’s Super Stopper II facilitates instant hook setting. Considering the cost, this reel is loaded with elements typically found on more pricey models. One of my fishing buddies also fishes with this reel. When I ask him his thoughts, here is what he said: “I can use these for light float, feeder/ledger and spinning. As an all-rounder, they are not too big and not too small. The reel looks and feels well made, A cut above the ‘budget’ reels without getting silly on price.”

Conclusions on the Shimano Catana 2500 RA Coarse Fishing Reel

This reel was an outstanding addition to my collection of coarse fishing tackle. Now, I routinely take it along with me more commonly than some of my other, higher priced reels. I’m glad to rate it at 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars.

How To Install Headlight Covers

Headlight covers are one of the accessories that are most often used by car owners and enthusiasts who have vehicles and cars that they show off at car and auto shows. However, practicality wise, headlight covers are not usually used by ordinary motorists on their vehicles. These accessories are usually just to add a more stylish appeal and design to car show entrants. They are also often added to give the vehicle a more aesthetic appeal.

To have headlight covers for your auto show entrant, you can simply purchase headlight cover kits from your trusted auto parts dealer. There are two kits that you actually have to purchase. One kit would be that that consists of a cover and the molded clips. The other kit would be the one that holds decal patterns, plus stickers, and labels.

Each of these kits contains instructions on how to use them as well as how to install them. Go through each one and be familiar with the pieces of information provided. These would assist you when you would be doing the actual installation. When you are about to start the process, gather the following tools and materials: a lens cleaner, a squeegee, masking tape, soap solution, and vinyl decals. You would be using these as you go along.

First clean the surface of each headlight lens. Then, put on the cover on the car. Put up the decals on the lens on the locations where you choose them to be. Mark off these locations. Use tape on the outside of the headlight cover to show you the locations. Remove the cover then and spray the lens with soap solution. By doing such, the stencil will be held in place.

Next, apply the stencils on the lens. Place then on the location and areas where you actually want the light to shine through when the cover is already installed. Keep in mind that once you put on the cover, the rest of the areas would be covered in paint. Once you accomplished the location of your stencils, run the squeegee over the stencils. Work outward from the center and this action removes any air pockets.

The face of the lens should be masked off. By doing such, you are preventing any kind of overspray from getting on you vehicle’s shield. Next, clean the lens with glass cleaner and then allow it to dry. Once dry, apply the paint. When the paint is dry, use a razor blade or a sharp knife to lift off the decals and the stencils. Make sure that you do this carefully. Then, place the lens on the vehicle and clean it with plastic or Plexiglas cleaner.

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