Driver License Suspension – How An Insurance Or Subrogation Company Can Suspend Your Texas License

If you have a Texas Driver License and somebody has called you or sent you a letter threatening the suspension of your driver license over an auto accident, it is highly possible that it could actually happen, but it is just as probable that the person making the threat doesn’t actually understand the rules as they apply in Texas. Only the Texas Department of Public Safety can suspend your driver license (and the DPS doesn’t call people to advise of a pending suspension, they will send a written notice). What an individual, insurance, or subrogation company can do is request the suspension of your license in accordance with Chapter 601 of the Texas Transportation Code, and there are a lot of exceptions and rules that have to be followed (it is notable that if you don’t have a license, a proper request will keep you from getting one, and the suspension is supposed to affect your registration, too).

If the person calling you is an insurance company or subrogation firm, they probably know how to get you suspended, and it is not required that you be sued. You can lose your license, registration, and ability to get a license even if you have not been sued. If you have been sued over an auto accident and you lost, then 99% of the time, you will be losing your license and registration privileges until you pay. Anyway, non-suit suspension of a Texas driver license is what this article is about, so here are some of the requirements your case will have to meet in order for your license to be in true jeopardy: The Texas Safety and Financial Responsibility Act has exacting rules that relate to the ability to get an individual’s driver license suspended due to a violation of the act, here they are in layman’s terms:

1. The accident must have happened on a public highway, road or way (like an alley) as defined by Texas rules.

2. Somebody has to file an accident report, either a police officer or a party that was involved in the accident.

3. There has to be a “reasonable probability” that you were at fault (like the police put on the report that you rearended somebody, or there are witnesses against you). This is the trickiest part, because there are so many factors that can indicate fault.

4. There must be bodily injury (any amount) or damages to an apparent extent of $1000.00.

5. If you are the owner of the vehicle, then you must have allowed the use of the vehicle either by saying the driver could use it, or by making it apparent by your actions that it was okay.

Keep in mind the rules I am relaying only apply to Texas and violations of the “financial responsibility law”. If all of these factors apply to you, then it is likely that your license will be suspended if the party threatening to take action follows the proper rules (in Texas) for requesting the suspension. Now, what can you do to protect yourself? Are there any loopholes? My best answer is “sort of”. If you were unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident that is probably your fault, and if you didn’t have insurance or some other way of complying with the financial responsibility law, then you have few choices. Here they are:

1. Pay for the damages.

2. Most companies will take less than what they are asking for if you can pay a lump sum, so if you have a little money, try and make a settlement for less than the alleged damage amount.

3. Work out a payment arrangement with the insurance company, subrogation firm, or person that is threatening you (it must be a written agreement that the State will accept in order to properly protect your license).

4. Fight about whose fault the accident was. In order to do this you must follow the rules for requesting a hearing when you get your first notice of suspension (also it is advisable to make sure the Department of Public Safety has your correct address because they will use the address on your driver license for all notices and you have a time limit to request a hearing).

5. If you were the owner of the vehicle that was involved in the accident, and the person who wrecked your car didn’t have permission to use your vehicle, then fight about that (again, you have to use the hearing rules to fight).

6. Always make sure you have researched all avenues of possible insurance. Sometimes you could be covered and just not be aware of it (like if you are a full time college student and your parents have insurance).

If you (as the owner) or the driver of your vehicle weren’t financially responsible at the time of an “at fault” accident, then the above things are pretty much the only things you can do to avoid a suspension outside of hiring an attorney. So, be careful about making the assumption that your license can’t be suspended for an auto accident (if you were uninsured). I can’t tell you how many times I tried to explain this to people and they simply didn’t believe me, so they ended up with a license suspension, and then having to call me to negotiate for their license or risk the consequences. If you get pulled over and you don’t have a valid license, you can be taken to jail. It is probably the best (and right) thing to do is to work out a payment plan to protect your driving privileges.

Justin Petty / Licensed All Lines Adjuster and Public Adjuster

My personal cell phone and e-mail are listed on my website, and I will personally answer my phone to address your questions or concerns. I work for the “little man”, be it a small business or an individual. If you think honesty and integrity are a thing of the past, research me. I am truly a horse of a different color, so visit my website and give me a call or drop me a line. I trust you will be surprised when I personally answer the phone. I am the founder and CEO of Petty Details, LLC, and I have the power to bend my own rules and prices for the benefit of justice. Plead your case!

Select Reasonable Spares From Warehouse Auto Parts

Sometimes you are ready to leave for an important meeting and your car breaks down. Buying an auto part replacement from a local auto parts warehouse can prove to be an expensive deal. Moreover you would not like to return to the warehouse auto parts again and again if the part does not fit your vehicle properly. With new facilities of online shopping, buying new auto body parts has become quite comfortable. You can avail these spares as per the model of your car within your budget. You also do not need to take a trip around a warehouse and choose the part that is suitable for your car. You just need to mention the make and the model of your vehicle to the online service provider and you can get the spare part delivered at your doorstep. This way of purchasing the spares not only saves valuable time and effort but also hard earned money.

With the growing competition in every line of products, you can also find new auto body parts at reasonable prices along with special offers and discounts. All the spare parts available at warehouse auto parts are tested for their quality so that you can be rest assured of their best performance. The processing and shipment is also very fast. Be sure that the service provider offers clear terms of exchange or return in case a wrong part is delivered to you.

You can go in for new or used auto parts depending upon your needs and budget. When compared to the new auto body parts, the second hand auto parts offer some disadvantages. Depending upon what you are looking for, you may not be able to get the full history of part or the vehicle it came from. This is quite risky. You may not realize it in the beginning but very soon the part that you bought may break done if the proper history is not available. The second hand spare parts may cost half the price of the new ones but ion the long run it may prove to be an expensive proposition. The suppliers do not offer any guaranty on the second hand spares for the automobiles.

When you buy a second hand spare for your vehicle, it might be difficult to buy the spare that fits properly in your vehicle. When you buy online, you may not be provided with the right information to make sure that the part that you are wishing to buy would fit properly in your vehicle. You can often end up buying a wrong part for your vehicle.

Obtaining Used Auto Parts Is Simple Without Hesitation

Used auto parts work best product for you personally in the event you dont need to spend much money. Choosing fresh parts could be more costly. And infrequently the particular used car parts could be in good condition, which means you must try it out. In addition to these types of, there are various items that ought to be considered whilst purchasing the used parts.

Firstly, you should keep in mental performance is that you need to state that the particular used component that you are going to buy resembles the element that is to become replaced. It is superior invest the previous do without a person. Subsequent will be the value element. You should attempt at the very least 2-3 market segments and assess the value along with situation. Sometimes you receive the used parts inside much better condition. In the matter of vehicles the place where random cars can be purchased is the greatest area for choosing used car parts. Acquiring used parts to get a n’t talented individual (would you not really recognize a lot concerning devices, and so on.) may be being a gamble and you may drop your cash while sometimes the particular component that seems great from the outside may be faulted from inside. And despite if you aren’t a repair shop then you definitely cant check that it’s faulty or otherwise not. Therefore the next thing that’s suggested is that, should you be acquiring a costly autos element then you definitely need to seek advice from or perhaps take with you some really good auto technician, whenever possible. Furthermore, you must make it clear while using seller that this portion could be returned you aren’t. Often the actual employed vehicle portion that seems to inside excellent won’t in shape with the essential location. As sometimes as a result of misalignment of nails, alteration of the actual design, due to some past vehicle repairs etc. Your fifth issue you will want to keep in the mind may be the repair in the employed portion that you’re planning to acquire.

You need to know all the details regarding the item you might be getting , which does it could be mended in the event that any problem take place, how much it’ll cost you to fix that, where is the market location to obtain it restored, in which you can get its component and so on.. You are likely to shell out the dough thus merely communicate out the questions! And just take into account the actual shopkeepers are extremely effective, they take care of the careers just like you each day! They’ll use all of their lift and also baddies, they will often also tell lie pertaining to marketing their own faulty used parts! So we the two know that this isn’t a whole lot for the children. The next important things i mean is, be patient!. Yes you must be affected individual whilst purchasing the automobile pieces. At times anyone simply pushes from the purchasing course of action. I dont recognize which in turn high temperature is providing chance to all of them, nevertheless this is often damaging specially whilst purchasing a utilised vehicle portion. The very last thing that’s to wear may be the price of the actual used portion. Like no matter the reason the used portion needs restore, along with after purchasing it you also buy restoring this, i then dont still find it a good option. On this scenario it is advisable you opt for a new one. used auto parts online, used auto parts locator.

The Auto Parts Marketjeep Axle & Bumper Replacement

If we were to analyze the automobile market in two segments, the spare part or replacement segment compared to the new automobile manufacturers, the greater of the two will be the replacement segment. Every automobile sold has to be serviced and it’s worn out parts replaced to remain road legal. On average mechanical parts of vehicles have to be replaced every few years depending on how many miles you drive.

Here are the categories of spare auto parts:

Electrical parts

Body parts

Transmission parts

Gear assembly parts

Suspension parts


Engine parts

Engine parts

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Ancillary unit companies manufacture and supply the main manufacturer with some or most of their original parts. These manufacturers are Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs. OEMs also supply the replacement markets with spares. However, these spares can be very expensive compared to other competing manufacturers because they are original spares. For example, Jeep owners prefer to replace parts with spares made by other manufacturers. These spares like the Cherokee bumper and jeep axle are no way inferior to the original but there is a vast difference in the price.

2 examples of commonly replaced Jeep parts:

Jeep Axles Compared To Car Axles.

Jeep axles are very different from regular car axles because they use four-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive vehicles deliver the power from the engine to all four wheels, as opposed to a car where the power is delivered to one axle, either the rear or the front.

Think Tough, think Cherokee bumpers.

The Cherokee bumper is constructed of 3/16 inch grade-fifty formed steel known for its extraordinary strength. The mounting brackets consist of the same grade metal plate and are cut and shaped via laser for a precise fit. An attractive feature of this bumper is that the mounting brackets also act as an outer steering box brace to help reinforce the weak body where the steering box mounts in Cherokees and jeeps. The Monitor Lizard Front Bumper comes in standard Matte black powder coating with inch thick shackle mounting tabs, a front hitch receiver, and outer steering box brace built into the bumper mounts.


When it comes to changing Jeep axles and bumpers Jeep owners do well to get the designs for their choice at cheaper rates. Original equipment is not a necessity.

The number one outlet for Acura Auto Parts and Air Intake Filters

The Acura cars may not be very popular around the world but there is a considerable number of people who are savouring every moment inside their Acura car; after all, this is one of the very first car models that has three rows of seats as a standard and not as an optional feature. For some of the Acura car owners, it has been quite a hectic time trying to source for Acura auto parts.

This is attributed to many auto part car dealers stocking auto parts that are more popular and better known because it has a bigger market and in essence more sales. Well, is and has been dealing in Acura auto parts and other spare parts for unpopular car models for some years now. This site is very useful in assisting Acura enthusiasts find spare parts for their cars in record short time. Previously, one had to dedicate a whole day or more to search for Acura auto parts but that is now a thing of the past thanks to the advent of ecommerce. has developed a platform where you can easily search for specific auto parts in fields such as the type of spare part, car model, year of make, and so forth to expedite the entire process. stocks air intake filter system for all nearly all makes and models of vehicles. For those who do not know, the air intake filter is a device that filters the small particles in air such as fine dust and silt and prevents these from going into the engine. These two particles are quite difficult to -catch- yet their accumulated presence in the engine results in reduced air flow and combustion is to some extent compromised. Excessive accumulation of the same is known to cause engine knock.

The staff at are professionals who are competent enough to recommend a particular type of air intake filter or Acura auto parts that will best suit your vehicle should the exact part be missing in stock or is no longer in production.

Contrary to what most people may expect due to Acura’s unpopularity, Acura auto parts are not overly expensive. In fact guarantees that you will be paying the best price available in the market for any of the Acura auto parts or air intake filter you purchase from them. Further, any Acura radiators and condensers you purchase from attract a warranty under normal use and service as long as the original buyer of the spare part owns the Acura car in which the radiator or condenser was first installed.

For more information about Acura auto parts please visit

The 10 Steps Of Car Salesman Training

When you become an auto sales person, the dealership where you are starting your sales career will typically provide some sort of car salesman training. This training will teach you everything you need to start selling vehicles regardless of you ever having any sales experience. Every car dealer has a certain selling system that they teach their sales people which may consist of 8 to 12 different steps. Overall the car sales systems are generally the same with some of the steps get combined and other dealers drag them out.
I will use a 10 step system to illustrate the steps and the reasons for each step in the car salesman training program so you can see the importance of each step. The sales systems that auto dealers use to train car salesmen is not been put together haphazardly, there have been years of study and research done to create an atmosphere that is conducive to buying a car.

The Car Salesman Training Steps

1. Meet and Greet: This is the introduction of the car sales person to the potential car buyer. You shake hands, exchange names and try to get comfortable with each other.

2. Discovery: This part of the car salesman training is where the sales person will ask the customer questions and try to understand what they want, such as options, colors, new or used, price range etc.

3. Choose a Vehicle: This is a critical step because if you put them in the wrong car you wont sell them no matter how good a car salesman you might be. This is where the car salesman training can make a big difference because you must be sure to choose a vehicle in their price range they actually like and want to drive home.

4. Why Buy Today: After selecting the right car it is time to tell them why they should buy it now. It could be any number of reasons depending on the car. It could be special financing, other interested buyers or the big sale that is going on.

5. Walkaround: During your car salesman training you will be instructed on how to do a proper Walkaround which is exactly what it sounds like. You show the customer all of the features and benefits from under the hood to the interior.

6. Test Drive: You car sales training will also show you the key points of taking your customer for a test drive while you have the potential car buyer focus on the areas or options that are important to them.

7. Negotiation: You learn how to present numbers and payments to the customer and overcome objections which keep you car buyer from saying yes.

8. Closing: Now its time to close the car sale. There are many different car sales closing techniques which you can use to close the car sale which are based on the type of customer you are selling.

9. Delivery: The car salesman training will take you from doing paperwork to greeting the car ready for delivery and introducing your customer to the business manager.

10. Follow Up: The final step of any quality car sales training system includes following up with your customer. It is important to have a happy and satisfied customer so they will return and buy more cars over the years.

As you can see, there is much more to selling cars than driving cars and collecting checks. Each step of the car salesman training is quite involved and could cover all of the word tracks, sales scripts and psychological factors that are involved in selling cars professionally.

Heilongjiang auto parts market auto parts Selling Well Asia and Africa – fasteners, auto parts, aut

Harbin, according to customs statistics, 1 in June in our province Car Parts exports 27,666,000 U.S. dollars, compared with same period last year (the same below) decreased 20.8%. Different country exports rise or fall, fall on Europe and the United States exports, export growth in Asia and Africa.

With the International Financial Impact of the crisis deepening, the automotive industry worldwide suffered heavy losses directly for the vehicle manufacturers to provide complete parts car parts manufacturer has not been spared. The international auto industry slump in the auto parts exports to China had a significant impact, resulting in auto parts exports continued to decline. .

Affected, governments continue to increase their efforts to support the automotive industry at the same time, introduction of protectionist measures to restrict imports of auto parts. United States, China Wheel Washer , Brake drums / brakes and other parts of anti-dumping proceedings initiated varieties; the European Union since 1 February 2009, the right, including automotive Fastener China’s exports to the EU, including up to 85% of the fastener impose anti-dumping duties; Brazil, India and other countries have also started exporting to China anti-dumping tires. Automobile production, consumption, power re-building of international trade barriers, further curb exports of auto parts in China.

Customs data showed exports of private enterprises in our province to play main parts, a significant decline of state-owned enterprises. 1 to 6 months private exports of auto parts in our province 22.568 million U.S. dollars, down 5.7%, accounting for exports of auto parts across the province over the same period the total value of 81.6%. In addition, exports of auto parts enterprises with foreign investment 4.63 million U.S. dollars, down 37.4%; state-owned enterprises export auto parts 466 thousand U.S. dollars, down 87.9%. On Europe and the United States and declining exports to the Asian-African exports. 1 to 6 months in our province on the Russian export of auto parts 12.625 million U.S. dollars, down 24.6%, accounting for exports of auto parts across the province over the same period the total value of 45.6%; for Asian exports auto parts 6.343 million U.S. dollars, up 30.1%, accounting for 22.9% . In addition, exports to the U.S. auto parts 4.469 million U.S. dollars, down 42.6%; on African exports auto parts 2.182 million U.S. dollars, up 45.7%.

Face of the current situation of auto parts exports, professionals suggested that the overall global auto parts industry has suffered a difficult situation, it is also the domestic auto parts companies a golden opportunity to go abroad. 1 through equity participation, acquisition of key components such as access to core technology and supporting technology, run by the now leader, enhance counter international competitiveness of the Group. Second, despite the current lack of foreign vehicle market economy, but Vehicle Maintenance Broad industrial markets. Automobile export enterprises should aim at foreign car repair market, adjust the export structure, do the major markets of China automobile export business of maintenance, after sales to meet market demand abroad. Third, make full use of China’s auto parts export advantage, improved export incentives, increase scientific Management Efforts to improve product quality and service. Government, industry associations and enterprises to actively play their role in a deal with international trade barriers.

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Save Money On Auto Parts By Shopping Online

When you shop online for anything you are bound to save money and there is no exception to the rule when it comes to auto parts. There are many reasons that shopping online offers better prices and below will help explain why.

No Overhead

Online shops do not have the overhead like physical stores do. The cost for employees is usually much lower since they can have people contracted out to handle the website administration as well as much of the customer service. With internet shops there are no lease amounts, electric bills or high payrolls. Having less overhead can create a much better price for the customer and allows the business to advertise to a larger marketed group.


The internet offers a variety of businesses and within each category there are hundreds of competing websites fighting for your business. The amount of competition creates the need for businesses to lower their prices, offer more specials and incentives to their customers in order to keep their business and this means lower pricing and better deals for you. The large amount of competition also means that you are able to shop around and compare quality and pricing at more locations, giving you the ability to not only find exactly what you need but to ensure you get the best deal.

Lower Advertising Costs

Internet marketing and advertising offers a much lower cost than offline advertising. The businesses are able to market their products to more customers and gain higher profits while spending less than any method of offline marketing permits. The lower advertising and marketing costs allow businesses to offer better pricing. The less that is spent on marketing the product and getting the product to the customer the less than it needed to earn a profit.

All of the above reasons will create a better price for the consumer and turns online shopping into the best way to shop. There is no reason to spend hours walking through stores or contacting them to ask if they have what you need in stock, just go online. The auto parts industry has taken great steps to turn their business into an internet friendly environment for their shoppers and anything that you could find offline you will find online. The selection is larger than any brick and mortar location you will find and the internet offers a convenience that you just cannot get anywhere else.

With all of the reasons to shop online, it is amazing that people still shop offline at all. So, the next time you need automotive parts or accessories take a look online first. You will be amazed at the selection, the quality and of course the pricing.

Bug Protection For Your Car

Here in the southern U.S., we residents are used to a bug population that can only make an anteater smack his lips. From about early April to the first frost, bugs outnumber people about 1000 to 1. Some would say 1 million to 1. Quite frankly, bugs are everywhere: in the yard, in the house, on your car, etc. Products containing DEET help, but they can do nothing to protect your car. Think I am exaggerating? Just drive down any southern back road at dusk and see how long it takes for your windshield and hood to be splattered with bug juice. It can get so bad that no amount of windshield washer fluid can keep up with it all. What to do? Well, if you are like many motorists you get some protection for your car. No, I am not saying to spray it with a can of OFF! or drive around with a car cover on it. Instead, there are two must have accessories that can and will make a difference. Youll have to read on to find out just what I am talking about.

Car bras Some call them hood protectors while others call them car bras. Regardless, this particular accessory provides the greatest protection for the front end of most any passenger vehicle. Customized for your vehicle, car bras slip over the front end, covering the grille and the adjoining section of the hood. Some car bras are designed to extend further up the hood almost to the windshield. Some consist of two part sections that permit motorists to access the hood without taking off the bra, while others are a one piece accessory that must be removed before opening the hood. Both styles are effective in deflecting bugs from the grille and can protect a portion of the hood.

Bug deflectors Also called bug shields, bug deflectors function chiefly to guard your hood and windshield from bug debris. Furthermore, some bug deflectors can repel other small objects including stones kicked up from the road which can then break your windshield. A bug deflector is installed at the top part of your grille at the point where the grille meets the front part of your vehicles hood. Like car bras, bug deflectors are sized for the particular brand and model you own, though there are some models that can be custom cut and sized by consumers too. Typically, a heavy-duty double adhesive tape fastens the deflector in place, as a result no drilling is required.

Usually, drivers put in one or the other accessory on their vehicles and not both as a bug deflector must adhere to the car itself; it cannot stay in place if fastened to part of the bra. However, some bras are designed with a lip installed that sits across the hood of your vehicle, acting as a mini bug deflector all of its own.

So, if you live in the South or you are planning a trip down here, protect your vehicle before you leave your home. A car bra or a bug shield will do a very good job in reducing bug splatter and keep you from going through gallons of windshield washer fluid while protecting your cars finish.

Future of Medical Transcription in India

In a country like India, where every second person aspires to be either an engineer or a doctor, it is no surprise that Medical Transcription is fast becoming one of the most sought after jobs in the BPO sector. A multibillion-dollar industry in America, Medical Transcription companies are now looking to India to outsource their services. Medical Transcription India is growing at an exponential rate.

What exactly is Medical Transcription? It is the process of converting a consultation with a doctor into a text format. When we visit a doctor we usually spend the first few minutes discussing our symptoms and problems. This is followed by questions about our medical history, an examination, and a prescription for tests or a secondary consultation if required. After the doctor has collected all the information he needs, he prescribes medication along with instructions for its use. After this, the doctor records the entire visit on voice recording machine, which is then converted into a word document by a medical transcriptionist and stored.

Major hospitals are now adopting this process in order to keep up with the changing times and provide their patients with the best health care available. However, the exercise of converting a voice file into text format is tedious and requires high level of expertise. A medical transcriptionist requires having in depth knowledge of advanced medical terms and language and having a minimum amount of experience in transcribing the likes of discharge summaries, health exams, etc. They must possess higher than average typing skills and should be affluent in the language in which the transcripts are being recorded.

These days’ hospitals are looking to outsource the job of Medical transcriptionists for a number of reasons. Most hospitals find it cost effective to outsource the job to companies in and outside their country. Outsourcing ensures better accessibility, superior quality and leverages on the industry’s experience. It reduces the capital investment for them and allows them use their resources to focus on their core competencies. India is fast becoming the go-to place for medical transcription.

India has abundant cheap labor possessing the skills to become a medical transcriptionist. The average salary of a medical transcriptionist in U.S.A. is around $33,000 p.a. whereas in India the average salary is Rs. 360,000, which is approximately $8,000 p.a. As a result, they are able to cut major costs while ensuring quality. Further, due to the time zone advantage companies here are able to send reports back overnight, making it the fastest turnover rate in the industry. The U.S. suffers from high attrition rates, and so outsourcing is the perfect solution to ensure high employee turnover doesn’t affect the hospitals. Seasonal fluctuations often result in an increase in number of patients during the winters occur in cold countries. There is an acute lack of available staff during major holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. Outsourcing the job to India easily solves these problems.

Medical Transcription requires the skill and intellect of human beings and so has inherent defects. If the transcriptionist were to record a symptom or diagnosis incorrectly it could harm the patient’s wellbeing. Sometimes the recording might not be clear as doctors are in rush and may fail to include vital information or provide information in a coherent manner. Further accents, mispronunciations and slag’s make it difficult for a transcriptionist from another country to fully comprehend what the doctor is saying. Such obstacles are yet to be over come in this field in India and world over.

With the help of the IT sector doctors are now able to convert cabinets full of patient data into word documents properly archived on a single desktop. These word documents can be printed out as and when required. Medical Transcriptions help hospitals maintain patient records for up to years and store them in a systematic and easily accessible environment and format. Medical Transcription in India is booming and as a result has opened up jobs to millions of people wanting to be part of the medical field. Many universities are now offering specialized courses and on the job training for young students to help them enter and successfully grow in this industry. India possesses all the advantages and skill to become one of the best providers of this service in the world. By ironing out a few irregularities India can soon look to become the premier play of this industry.