Car Engine Running On Water – Is It Really Possible

Does any of the following sound familiar?… Water4Gas, runyourcaronwater, Fueltrips, drivewithwaterfuel, wam-a-bam? These would be some of the sites that provide technology to run cars on Hydrogen (HHO or Brown’s Gas) which also can be called Hydroxy, that comes from water. These are the principal water to gas players inside the marketplace these days. So how does this technologies work, is it sustainable, is it dependable and which brand ought to you actually be going for? We’ll answer all this an far more in this post…

Any time you choose to install to this program and decided to provide 1 of these businesses a call, they would never ask you to put water to your gas tank. Nor they will ask you to buy a new auto using the water to gas engine. In fact, it is quite basic. You don’t have to change your engine or you car personal computer.

The water to gas conversion product comes in with distinct component that can be easily assembled at residence over the weekend. It only requires to make use of several basic tools. The conversion kits main parts would be:

Electrolyzer (some call it “Hydrogen Generator”): these will be the containers (quart sized) can contain about 950cc of ordinary tap water or distilled water (according to the requirement of the manufacturer of the conversion kit). It could possibly be glass, metal or plastic containers.

MAP Sensor Enhancer: this electronic device lowers fuel consumption devoid of modifying the engine or the computer

Vaporizer: adds water vapour towards the engine to cool it down, improves combustion and fuel economy.

Fuel Heater: pre-heats your gasoline for far better gas economy, using only energy from the radiator that gets wasted otherwise, it demands no modifications carried out towards the radiator or its hoses.

PCV Enhancer: an additional excellent companion to your hydrogen program that improves the PCV (Constructive Crankcase Ventilation) function, protects your engine and saves gas.
Fuse holder + wiring. Connect towards the 12 volts.

Vacuum T-connector: helps you splice the vacuum line for feeding the hydrogen and oxygen into the engine.

Catalyst: Ordinary baking soda.

Pure hydrogen is harmful, specially storing it in huge compressed quantities in containers. It can result into explosion, however water doesn’t explode. Which is why water to gas conversion kits don’t use pure hydrogen. Given that hydrogen is already compressed or present in water, it truly is safely and quickly released and consumed. So when HHO is produced, the by-product left is water. No dangerous chemical substances are becoming emitted from this program. You just want sufficient space under the hood to place a quart sized jar to put the water and catalyst. Catalyst may be the substance that helps the electricity separate water into HHO. Nothing will take place without having this material. This method uses ordinary baking soda, you can simply grab it from the nearest grocery retailer or from your kitchen cabinet.

Water is converted into HHO gas utilizing electrical energy from the car’s battery. The quart-sized water jar with a little bit of baking soda is placed below the hood. This device is linked with some fuse holder and wires to the car’s battery. It gets vacuum and electrical energy from the engine produces the HHO gas. The HHO gas is supplied to the carburaetor. The generator from your battery connects the device by way of the ignition switch. This prevents hydrogen production when the engine is off and utilizes less electrical energy.