Legitimate Auto Surf Program

There are many various autosurf sites on the internet. These old websites are called H.Y.I.Ps or High Yield Investment Programs. They are all need new money to stay in business.

The main reason these sites stick around is because back in 2000 there where many legitimate paid to surf programs. You could remember these programs as many people made tons of money from them. All Advantage was the first paid to surf site that lead to many others such as; Cashsurfers, Clickdough, Desktopdollars, and many others.

How do these companies stay in business? These early autosurf programms were legal in the way they conducted their business. Many companies especially start up companies on the net back in 2000 needed to advertise their new websites.

So they would pay these paid to surf companiescompanies to show their ads to their members. All Advantage had over 3.5 million members, so even if 1% of those members responded to their ad, they would get over 35,000 new visitors to their website.

The paid to surf company would then pay its members for permitting the company to send its advertising ads to them. Remember that the participator never had to pay anything and still got paid. This isn’t true for the new paid to surf (HYIPs) of today. Today these HYIPs are going out of business. I hope the old autosurf sites are making a comeback!

The original owners of AllAdvantage have made a new site and are currently building its members base so that they can start building their advertisers base. The new site is called AGLOCO. If you have heard the news about MySpace or Youtube, you will have heard they have been sold for millions of dollars, why? Because they have made millions of dollars worth in advertising. Advertisers are willing to pay large amount of money to show their ads to their participants base.

Now AGLOCO is in this same process and the great thing is, is its free to join, free to get more information. I know that in the coming months these autosurf programs might make a come back because of their earlier days. Youtube and Myspace have been making millions of dollars off of their advertisers, but they never pay their members, isn’t it about time that a company to come around that will pay its members for just being a part of their business?

AGLOCO is in the progress of changing things up and wants to share the benefit it makes with their members. Now you can join and take part of that profit. Just think, how much you could have made if you joined. All Advantage in its early days, how much of the $100 million dollars could you have gotten?

I believe in this idea, not only because it works but because it’s legal. It is up to you what you settle to do. I have been in the paid to surf industry when it started back in 2000 and made a great sum of money.

There are many different types of these programs and along with them come many frauds and there are many different things you need to watch out for when you decide to get paid to surf internetVisit our site to learn more about these types of programs and get paid to surf webIt is not difficult to paid to surf sites