China Auto Parts Industry 1h11 – Overview,trends,analysis,outlook And Swot

Emerging Markets Direct released their latest China Auto Parts Industry Report 1H11 . China overtook the US as the worlds largest automotive market in 2009. The Chinese market was expected to grow by 24% to 17 million vehicles in 2010. Boosted by the overall development of the automotive industry, the auto parts industry has been experiencing rapid growth and changes in the past few years. Ever since Chinas accession into the WTO, foreign auto giants have flocked to China to secure the market share.

ASEAN, and other Asia-Pac countries together take up Chinas largest components. In the first quarter of 2010, it went up to USD1.8 billion, which constituted 30% of total exports. North America continues to hold the top ranking for brakes,tires and other mechanical parts which generated around one-forth of the aggregate sales in the first three months of 2010. While EU was the second largest market for brakes and electronic parts, just behind North America and Asia-Pac.

For the period between 2002 to 2008, auto parts manufacturers registered an annual growth of 20% per annum, while the total value output of auto parts reached RMB1.2 trillion, up 26.7% from 2008. The strong growth in the industry has attracted a pool of companies to join the arcade and has resulted in foreign companies accounting for seven out of the ten biggest component companies operating in China . The manufacturers sprout out in almost every part of the country and widely dispersed.

The government encouraged the overall growth of the automotive sector and laid out the Automotive Industry Development Policy and 11th Five-Year Plan, targeted to consolidate the auto parts companies and boost up the industry to international standard. Our analyst thinks that parts productions in China are still lagging behind the development of vehicle production, with weak R&D skills in terms of new technologies development and production systems management. Greater initiative is required to promote mergers and acquisitions, as a solution for large component groups to reach out and upgrade the product and managerial skills.

What are the challenges facing the industry? How about the outlook? Want to get hold of the policy put forward by the government? What are the trade conditions for different auto parts?

The answers are here in our latest in our latest number. Complete with full analysis (SWOT analysis) of key industry players of China Auto Parts Industry including:
– Weifu High-Technology Co., Ltd
– Weichai Power Co., Ltd
– WanXiang QianChao Co., Ltd
– FuYao Glass Group Industries Co., Ltd
– Ningbo Huaxiang Electronic Co., Ltd

Profit now from our China Auto Parts Industry Report:

Table of Content
1. Industry Profile
1.1 China Economic Overview
1.2 Asia Pacific Automotive Industry Overview
1.3 China Automotive Industry Overview
1.4 China Auto Parts Industry Overview
1.5 Production
1.6 Foreign Trade
2. Market Trends and Outlook
2.1 Industry Structure
2.2 Market Trends
2.3 Policy Developments
2.4 Challenges
2.5 Outlook
3. Leading Players and Comparative Matrix
3.1 Leading Players
3.1.1 Weifu High-Technology Co., Ltd
3.1.2 Weichai Power Co., Ltd
3.1.3 WanXiang QianChao Co., Ltd
3.1.4 FuYao Glass Group Industries Co., Ltd
3.1.5 Ningbo Huaxiang Electronic Co., Ltd
3.2 Comparative Matrix
3.3 SWOT Analysis

4. Tables and Charts
Table 1: Vehicle Production by Type in China 2006-2010
Table 2: Export of Auto Components January December 2010
Table 3: Imports of Auto Components January December 2010
Table 4: WFHT Main Operations by Products
Table 5: WFHT Main Operations and Market Share
Table 6: Weichai Revenue and Cost by Product (RMB millions) 2008 and 2009
Table 7: WXQC Revenue Income and Cost 2008-2009
Table 8: Fuyao Revenue and Cost by Products
Table 9: NBHX Sales Analysis 2005-2009
Table 10: Financial Highlights of Leading Players 1H2010
Chart 1: China GDP Growth 2001-2010
Chart 2: China Consumer Price Index 2010 (January-December)
Chart 3: Production Figures for Selected Countries (units)
Chart 4: Chinas Vehicle Production (‘000 units) 2005-9M10
Chart 5: Trade of Electric Control Fuel 2004-November 2010
Chart 6: Trade of Car Bodies 2004-November2010
Chart 7: Trade of Lap Belts 2004-November2010
Chart 8: Trade of Air Bags 2004-November2010
Chart 9: Trade of Gear Boxes 2004-November2010
Chart 10: Trade of Clutches 2004-November2010
Chart 11: Trade of Dampers2004-November2010
Chart 12: Key Automotive Producing Locations in China
Chart 13: China’s Leading Auto Part Makers
Chart 14: WFHT Historic PE Band
Chart 15: WFHT Historic PB Band
Chart 16: Weichai Historic Basic EPS 2005-1H10
Chart 17: Automobile Glass Production Cost Structure

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