Pricol Auto Parts

Pricol is an undisputed market leader in auto parts manufacturing in the country.Since its beginning in 1976, the company has grown many folds and is established its name as one of the pioneers in automobile engineering products and services.

Pricol auto parts engage in various automotive segments.The segments include manufacturing of auto parts for motorcycles, scooters, three wheelers & ATVs, Cars, SUVs, MUVs; Tractors and construction equipments, sintered components and Fleet Management solutions.

The range presented by Pricol in auto parts is vast.It starts from instrument clusters Standard, electronic and deluxe; Fuel level sensors- lever, tubular and capacitance; secondary air valves, Chain tensioners- rack type, screw and torsion , screw and flat spiral spring type , clocks, vehicle convenience and security systems- manual central locking, remote central locking and keyless entry, alarms , oil pumps- chain Driven , inbuilt pressure relief and numerous others.

Pricol auto parts are manufactured and developed under strict supervision at every stage. Automobile engineers and experts test and validate the products using latest testing techniques such as SAE J 1378, IEC-61000, BSEN 50081-1 etc. The three decade old company has kept its pace with evolving and advance techniques of modern day. The design facilities are duly accredited and certified as per standard norms and regulations. ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 14001 are two of certifications held by the organization.It has won prestigious awards for quality, delivery, cost- effective and supply etc.

According to the annual reports due to economic growth; the industry has seen 26% rise in automotive sector in 2009-10. This spells growth in the vertical industries; majorly the auto parts industry. Effective cost planning has risen the profit by Rs 500 million and loss turned in to a profit of approximately Rs 225 million . The overall sales has grown only by 3% however, the segment is expected to have a steady growth across the product range.

The impressive client base includes major players spanning all the segments.Some of the elite members are Suzuki, Bajaj Auto, Hero Honda, Kinetic Engineering, Yamaha , Europe, Piaggio ,Italy, Roayl Enfield, General Motors ,India, Mahindra & Mahindra, India, Maruti Udyog, India, Saipa ,Iran, Toyota Kirloskar ,India, Hindustan Motors,Ashok Leyland, BMC Turkey, Eicher Motors, Swaraj Mazda, etc. Tractors and Construction Equipment and spare parts manufacturers sharing a close and long association with Pricol Auto parts are AGCO,USA, Massey Ferguson ,UK, Terex Vectra, India, JCB India, John Deere ,India and others.Buyers and suppliers in sintered components like gears, hubs, pistons and slack adjusters parts etc.include Godrej, Lucas TVS, Techno last, Germany, TVS Motors, India etc.Vehicle tracking systems, vehicle monitoring systems, and centralized lubrication systems facilitates fleet management.

The alliances with international companies as Magnetic Marrelli, Denso, and Blue Ridges, USA have expanded and strengthen its global base and technological knowledge.It helps in understanding the domestic and international market trends and changes.The research and Development team at Pricol constantly works towards overall product development, its assimilation and processing to deliver world class spare and auto parts.

Vista Auto Parts Improves Their Car Hid Lights And The Car Ignition Coil Variety

Car HID lights are a pretty new technology to most drivers, even in the USA car market scene. Car HID lights use a really different and effective light bulb as compared to the conventional light bulb. Vista Auto Parts will take you through some of the basics you may need to know about this kind of car lighting. Car HID lights use arc lamp technology for their operation. This technology employs high voltage – around 15000 volts – to create an arc between the two electrodes that are in the light bulb that also contains Xenon gas. The conventional light bulb uses a small tungsten filament wire instead of the two electrodes.

A popular misconception that surrounds Car HID lights is that the higher the color temperature, the brighter the light bulb. This not true and on the contrary color is the only thing affected by temperature. For normal looking lights the 6,000K car HID lights are the best option. The 5000K HID light provides white light which has hints of yellow. The 8,000K provides white light with shades of blue. For white light with shades of green you require the 10,000K car HID lights and for bluish purplish light you need the 12,000K headlight.
Vista Auto Parts recommends car HID lights for their resilience and durability-almost ten times longer than conventional lights. These lights also provide a deeper field of view.; Once you’ve used these car HID lights, you will not want to return to conventional lights.

At Vista Auto Parts we have revamped our collection of car ignition coils. No need to wait any longer! We now have a full stock ignition coils for all makes and models. Just visit and select your car and year to obtain the car ignition coil that suits your vehicle.

For those not in the know about car ignition coils (otherwise known as the induction coil), this is a short summary on the basics. , including care and maintenance. The car ignition coil is the component that converts low voltage from the cars battery into high voltage which is needed by the spark plugs to create the spark that fires the engine. As the car ignition coil wears down, it tends to misfire contributing to waste in fuel. You can prevent this by performing timely service and replacing the car ignition coil when needed.

Are You Searching For A Reliable Sacramento Auto Dealer

The primary reason why so many people are buying used cars is because they come at a low price compared to a brand-new one. Besides, the potential owner doesnt have to pay registration fees and license fees. In addition, insurance is not required for a used vehicle. Sacramento auto dealers display a wide range of pre-owned cars in good condition. Most cars also come with a warranty for at least a year.

Other than planning to buy a used car, it is essential to search for a reliable used cars Sacramento dealer in your locality. A person can ask his friends and neighbors about a particular dealer plus read about the company on its corporate website to make up his mind whether to do business with the dealer or not.

Sacramento auto dealerships sell models that have at least a portion of the original manufacturing warranty. Most recent car models have at least 3 years of warranty which is good for the second-hand car buyers. It is because within the warranty period, if the car gets damaged you can immediately take the car to the dealers repairing center to get it fixed free of cost. On buying a car with zero warranty, you have to pay for the servicing of the vehicle.

Also, it is important to check for an extended warranty provision. Car manufacturing companies such as Ford, Volvo, GM, etc. offers extended warranty on some major auto parts including the engine, transmission system, brakes, and so on. Thus, people planning to purchase used cars in the Sacramento region of USA should not miss out looking into an extended warranty on a specific model.

Almost all reputed Sacramento auto dealers allow the customers to go for a test drive for a short distance. Test driving is done to personally detect fault in any auto part. For example, a faulty brake will make scraping or grinding sound and a defective engine will get overheated and will halt after acceleration. In case, you face any problem with any part of a car, inform the dealer and avoid buying that model.

Before buying a pre-owned vehicle, it is important to personally inspect the car exterior and interior to eliminate chances of buying a car that is not maintained properly. For example, you may find the seats damaged, or an outer part painted just to hide rust. A good dealer will always examine each car part before displaying it in his showroom. The trained mechanics will check and re-check every used car and if required will repair or totally replace an auto part before putting up the same for sale.

Majority of people prefer purchasing a pre-owned vehicle because of bigger bargaining possibility. Yes, it is true that a prospective customer can bargain to lower the quoted price of a pre-owned automobile. Smart people can lower the original price to at least 20-30% less.

Last but not the least an individual can easily trace the history of a second-hand vehicle by availing its Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and by going through the vehicle history report.

The Amazing World Of Buying Car Parts Through Online Stores

In this modern day internet connected world, you can buy anything from toys to car parts through online retail stores. In recent years there are number of online car parts stores has popped up all over the world, especially there are new websites coming up especially for the USA. There are number of websites available to buy cars auto parts online. Most of the websites backend supports a great warehouse facility in order to provide a wonderful list of auto parts. Some of the websites even host some of rare or not frequently needed car parts, quite simply the online stores act as an online auto car parts warehouse.

One such online car parts store is This online store was started during the later part of July 2010. The website offers the wide range of top quality auto car parts, car electronic spares and more importantly it sells both used and new car spares. The website has good reach among the car owners in the USA. Apart from the products in display, the website boasts a good customer support and services in the form of good delivery system, simple terms and conditions, better return policy, gift vouchers and great discounts for the online purchases. Carkart website is one of kind website which provides auto Car parts discount online.

To buy new auto car parts online, this website is the number one choice for many customers. Here is the list of the main product categories and its details.

Automotive category: This category covers almost all of the products or parts needed for most of the cars. Some of the important sub categories this category holds are, car care, exterior accessories, keys, motorsports, oils, paints, performance accessories, replacement parts, tires and most importantly the tools & equipments needed to repair a car. The car care products will some of the products needed to fresh up a car and some air fresheners.

Electronic parts: In this category, there is a huge list of products under this main category. Some of the product lists are batteries, battery chargers, car security or alarms, car audio systems, car cd changers, car video accessories, video based car navigation, car speaker enclosures; electronic spares installation kits and other electronic spares.

GPS: One of the important accessories while driving a car is the usage of GPS based car navigation systems. This website has wide range of GPS devices, tracking devices, software and the needed accessories to fit the GPS devices.

The above mentioned products, features and services will suggest that is one of the best places to buy cars auto parts online. You can very well use some of the great offers or specials provided by the website to buy top quality auto car parts. There is nothing new in this car parts purchase through online, all you have do is just pick your Auto Car parts discount online, add to cart, give the shipping information, review the order and then proceed to payment gateway to use the credit card. The company will deliver the products right to the address given in shipping details. Whenever theres a requirement for your car, do not hesitate to buy from Auto car parts warehouse.