th National Auto Parts will interview Mr. Shao Dedong Guangzhou Yi Tao Rubber Auto Parts will be

October 22, 2009, Greentown Zhengzhou welcome the “66th National Car Parts Trade Fair “grand opening. It is the organizers said the fair has attracted more than 2,000 exhibitors nationwide, nearly 3,000 booths, the exhibition scale new heights.

In this exhibition, HC Network Interview in Guangzhou Yi Tao Rubber Mr. Shao Dedong. The following is a press report back from the field: :

Guangzhou Shaode Dong Yi Tao Rubber Co., Ltd. General Manager HC Network : Hello, everybody, here is the 66th National Auto Parts Fair site, welcome to Guangzhou Rubber Co., Ltd. Shaode Dong Yi Tao, general manager of network studio guest HC, Shao total, Hi. This time to attend this show, bring some of what the company’s products, give us a little?

Shaode Dong: Hello. The exhibition brought us air spring products, is currently the world’s unprecedented access to more high-end products, which we mainly used in domestic trucks, buses, and many high-end foreign cars on.

HC Network: You just have said, we are more high-end products, and also China is one of the few, please describe in detail, company fundamentals, especially in the economic crisis, the company whether some change?

Shaode Dong: All right. Our company is started in December 2004 set up, but because we choose the industries, involved in the field of air spring in China has just started, select the item access time, or rather forward. Currently we mainly export-oriented, the domestic market we account for around 30%. In Financial Crisis, our market share improved 13.2% in the domestic, as the Chinese market is a new market, so there is some growth.

HC Network: Yi Tao Rubber in domestic and foreign markets are a certain proportion, you just mentioned account for about 70% of exports, the export share of the domestic market than the much more. I recently spoke with many companies, they are slowly to domestic sales, because foreign markets are a number of hazards. Yi Tao Rubber reason why you feel able to maintain 70% market share abroad, mainly due to what?

Shaode Dong: Very simple, because the application of this product in a foreign country nearly 50 years history in China is concerned, we occupied the cost advantage and price advantage, so this project is a great market share abroad. Prior to this project in many foreign OEMs, China is not making such products, in fact we break this limitation. 2005 products in the domestic market has been subject to many foreign host market and the aftermarket favor, continue to purchase our products because we as the years of development, product diversification, product structure is growing and we can meet 85% of the global commercial vehicle needs. So directly proportional to our increasing investment in product development, market increasing, it is a mutual process.

HC Network: Mainly because of your company’s own R & D capability to improve, probably because China itself has cost advantages, making your competition in the overseas capital markets is to?

Shaode Dong: Yes. HC Network: In the domestic market is mainly host Supporting And after-sales market, how were kind of a situation?

Shaode Dong: The domestic market accounted for the total of our business Sell 30%, accounting for 30% of the OE among about 30%.

HC Network: 30% to 30% of them. Shaode Dong: In the domestic market, commercial vehicle, or has just started. Known as SAIC, FAW, heavy truck, such as the SAIC of the red lotus, they gradually adopted the system in the air springs. So we just cut into the ranks of just a wave, this piece has also been the general recognition of OEMs and aftermarket.

HC Network: You just said, we like the brand in the international history of many years, but in China it is not so a long history.

Shaode Dong: In the domestic market has just begun. HC Network: So how kind of operation in the Chinese market the brand, you may have the most current thinking right?

Shaode Dong: Yes, we will help the country to promote the product is necessary. We are into this platform to attract more customers, because the Chinese market is the focus of global development, I now speak, and our business structure is 70% of export products, 30% of domestic sales, the future planning of which I should be 70% domestic, 30% of exports, after all, China is the focus of future global commercial vehicle market.

HC Network: This market can not lose. Shaode Dong: By HC Auto Parts Network Platform and the National Auto Parts will be This platform, we focus on how we regulate the market, after all, after-sales market in China account for a large proportion of our future strategy of the company which need to be considered a very important issue.

HC Network: I have seen your future confidence in the market, but exactly how the brand operates, you have some specific planning?

Shaode Dong: Now we mainly through media propaganda, we do some of their own corporate Web site construction, including the network platform to promote, because our business globally through the promotion of network resources is a Electronic Business platform. We are using this effective e-business platform brand, and we do some further appropriate media. Such as in the HC and other media sites, as well as our corporate image advertising in the future, which will constantly increase our brand promotion efforts, including our participation in exhibitions to build up their brand. Rush to do more this year, so only do not do a special decoration booth. Will consider the next higher platform to attract a wider audience to understand our products, enhance the brand influence.

HC Network: You just hear out there is that special equipment the next booth. This next show, what views do you have, how kind of harvest?

Shaode Dong: I took part in this exhibition have a few years, and before the dealer did not know from our air spring, a slight touch to the present, this is the process of development.

HC Network: The show is also to bring you some of the increase in the number of dealers?

Shaode Dong: Yes. Now signed nine dealers, because we are business resources

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