The Auto Parts Marketjeep Axle & Bumper Replacement

If we were to analyze the automobile market in two segments, the spare part or replacement segment compared to the new automobile manufacturers, the greater of the two will be the replacement segment. Every automobile sold has to be serviced and it’s worn out parts replaced to remain road legal. On average mechanical parts of vehicles have to be replaced every few years depending on how many miles you drive.

Here are the categories of spare auto parts:

Electrical parts

Body parts

Transmission parts

Gear assembly parts

Suspension parts


Engine parts

Engine parts

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Ancillary unit companies manufacture and supply the main manufacturer with some or most of their original parts. These manufacturers are Original Equipment Manufacturers or OEMs. OEMs also supply the replacement markets with spares. However, these spares can be very expensive compared to other competing manufacturers because they are original spares. For example, Jeep owners prefer to replace parts with spares made by other manufacturers. These spares like the Cherokee bumper and jeep axle are no way inferior to the original but there is a vast difference in the price.

2 examples of commonly replaced Jeep parts:

Jeep Axles Compared To Car Axles.

Jeep axles are very different from regular car axles because they use four-wheel drive. Four-wheel drive vehicles deliver the power from the engine to all four wheels, as opposed to a car where the power is delivered to one axle, either the rear or the front.

Think Tough, think Cherokee bumpers.

The Cherokee bumper is constructed of 3/16 inch grade-fifty formed steel known for its extraordinary strength. The mounting brackets consist of the same grade metal plate and are cut and shaped via laser for a precise fit. An attractive feature of this bumper is that the mounting brackets also act as an outer steering box brace to help reinforce the weak body where the steering box mounts in Cherokees and jeeps. The Monitor Lizard Front Bumper comes in standard Matte black powder coating with inch thick shackle mounting tabs, a front hitch receiver, and outer steering box brace built into the bumper mounts.


When it comes to changing Jeep axles and bumpers Jeep owners do well to get the designs for their choice at cheaper rates. Original equipment is not a necessity.