Tippmann A5 Parts Top A5 Upgrades

If youre a Tippmann A5 owner, you may already know that there are a ton of Tippmann A5 parts and accessories available today. Finding the right A5 upgrades to suit your needs can be challenging. Lets take a look at a few key areas of the Tippmann A5 that offer the most performance enhancement for the money.

A5 Trigger Mods The Tippmann A5 comes in three version: Basic or Semi-Auto, Response Trigger (RT) and the A5 Selector Switch Egrip. Although the different trigger types are available pre-installed from the factory, the RT and Egrip are also offered as an upgrade option that can be installed to any Basic A5 at any time. The RT is strictly mechanical and uses air from the previous shot to reset a small cylinder behind the trigger. This cylinder resets the trigger quicker, offering faster rates of fire. The Selector Switch Egrip is an electronic driven trigger system. The board found in the grip frame allows you to select different firing modes as well as rates of fire. The settings on the A5 Egrip are almost endless and they allow the user to tweak very specific firing characteristics. The external selector switch allows for an on-the-fly firing mode change that can be pre-programmed by the user to any mode and setting.

Cyclone Feed Upgrades One of the unique features of any A5 is the loading system included from the factory. The Cyclone Feed System uses air from the previous shot to shuttle pre-chambered paintballs into the receiver. The Cyclone Feed System is very efficient out of the box and can feed at rates topping 15 balls per second. There are upgrades on the market from companies such as TechT Paintball, Lapco, JCS, Trinity and RAP 4 that allow the user to replace some of the internal components of the Cyclone Feed allowing it to cycle faster at a reduced operating pressure. Most are also made of aluminum and replace the stock plastic parts that can wear and crack over time. Upgrading the Cyclone Feed System with a new aluminum ratchet, piston housing, and a replacement advancement rod can net 20+ balls per second. Adding softer paddles can also reduce the number of ball breaks when firing paintballs that have a brittle or thin shell.

Tippmann A5 Barrels A barrel upgrade is one of the first changes most owners will make to their new paintball gun. Swapping out a barrel takes seconds and the results are immediate. There are an enormous amount of barrels on the market today. Due to the popularity of the A5, most model paintball barrels are produced in a version that features the ‘A5 specific’ barrel thread. The Tippmann A5 barrel thread is specific to the A5 and Tippmann X7 paintball guns. Any barrels labeled as being for the Tippmann A5 or X7 will work on the A5.

The current trend in the technology associated with creating longer range and accuracy in paintball is through barrel rifling. Rifling utilizes a spiral or linear groove inside the inner bore of the paintball barrel. This groove is responsible for either creating or stopping spin depending on the pattern. Regardless or the pattern, rifling has shown significant improvements in paintball accuracy and distance over traditional paintball barrels. Hammerhead Paintball has led the way in recent years, offering a patented rifling technology that has produced serious gains in accuracy and consistency.

By simply exploring these three areas, A5 owners can begin to upgrade their guns acquiring parts that offer the most performance gain for their money. They can then more towards more cosmetic upgrades, like scopes, shrouds and stocks that give their marker a style and comfort level that fits their specific needs.