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Toyota in China, parts procurement interior spring!” December 11, general manager of Wenzhou, an auto parts company Jiang Yu (a pseudonym) and Toyota Textile (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (the “Toyota Textile”) and After purchasing executives to discuss, to the CBN, told reporters.

A multinational enterprise in China in the procurement of vehicles Auto Parts , Seemingly insignificant small, but interesting given the signal. Because the components fails, Toyota this year in China and the United States to recall 5.22 million total Car , Domestic auto experts clock division that Toyota is too single procurement system, its components one of the reasons frequent problems.

Has Toyota with its high degree of close members of the Group Suppliers System known now, this situation is slowly changing. The future, the scale of this procurement will be further expanded. Toyota Parts

release system K-car network president, CHEN Wen-Kai, said: “Toyota closely with suppliers Supporting Relations has been the model for all corporate learning. “And the U.S. The company also choose 2 or 3 suppliers, so that different modes of competition, Toyota set up with suppliers in close Cooperation Relations, and even some of the shares held by the core components business. One Denso Group, Aisin Seiki, Toyota Automatic Loom Toyota auto parts supply that is the “troika”, Toyota held the three global auto parts giant’s shares, and is the largest electric equipment group shareholders.

Quantity and delivery management, from the 70’s, the Toyota supply chain efficiency has been higher than U.S. companies. Financial Before the crisis, Toyota’s supply chain costs lower than the U.S. car companies out of 8%.

But any system of all non-perfection, Toyota “textbooks” general system of suppliers, under the impact of the financial crisis has finally cracks.

Financial crisis, Toyota supplier system to gradually adjust. In October of this year, Toyota Managing Director of Maori Gordon told CBN interviewer, in order to strengthen cost control in the ability of the Chinese market, Toyota will open spare parts suppliers, in the original parts business at Japan-based matching system , the gradual introduction of local Chinese suppliers.

Wen-Kai Chen also confirmed that Toyota is purchasing through the K-car network platform to reach more local parts supplier in China.

Providers face quality problems Over-reliance on Toyota parts suppliers for the misfortune of laying the “seeds.” Toyota

financial crisis rapidly falling production, Toyota’s sales fell a chain reaction, resulting in Denso and Aisin Seiki Group’s rapid decline in performance. The parts subsidiary sales decline, sales increase again on the OEMs requested. Excessive pursuit of sales results, but it is weakening the quality control and research and development capabilities.

In October of this year, Denso Corporation Reports First Half Fiscal Year 2009 (3 September) of the year reported net profit of 51 billion yen (about 056 million U.S. dollars), down 91.4% year on year. Operating profit of 9.8 billion yen (about 108 million U.S. dollars), up down 91.5%.

At the same time, the world’s sixth largest auto parts supplier, Aisin Seiki, Japan also issued the first half of fiscal year 2009 earnings, the company’s fiscal year 2009, half occurred 34.8 billion yen (about 383 million U.S. dollars ) losses.

In April this year, Guangzhou Automobile Toyota recalled 280,000 Camry. 4 months later, Toyota again in China, announced the recall of two joint venture companies, including the Camry, Yaris, Vios and Corolla sedans, involving a total of 688,314 vehicles; in North America, November 25, because the front row ( Driver Service) and Mats “forward sliding and stuck throttle pedal,” prevent throttle operation, there are potential safety problems, Toyota Motor Corporation has decided to recall about 4.26 million U.S. vehicles.

Taken together, Toyota recall vehicles reached 5.228 million total, which is more than Toyota sold 8.32 million vehicles last year, half.

Domestic auto experts clock division that Toyota over a single procurement system, its components one of the reasons frequent problems. This also reflects the pursuit of Toyota sales and swallow too brewed the consequences.

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